Recipe: Amazingly Cheesy Asparagus Melts

Let's be honest: asparagus is pretty amazing.First of all, because it grows so quickly and doesn't require pesticides, it is a naturally organic food. It's also high in fiber and packs in only 27 calories per cup. But the real clincher? Asparagus is high in glutathione, an important anti-carcinogen and the most potent anti-cancer antioxidant available.And did we mention that it's simply delicious? Because, you know, it is. Steam it and then toss it in fresh lemon juice for a delicate, invigorating side....more
Thanks, Hope McCain! We think you are going to love it! Let us know how it turns out!more

Aromatic Chicken & Mushroom Rice Cooked In A Cast Iron Pot

We don’t have a rice cooker at home. That was why it was difficult to resist the cast iron pot promotion at the supermarket last December when we chanced upon it....more

One Minute Kitchen Hack: Soup Trifecta

I love soup!  Most soups are fast, easy and can be loaded with lots of healthy foods.  I love to double my soup recipes and freeze half.  Spending time cooking recipes in Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking taught me that good food is about layering flavors.  Each ingredient plays a role in the final flavor of a dish and should be treated appropriately.  Soup is not about boiling a bunch of veggies and meats.  I spent a lot of time treating my soups as a pot of boiled ingredients....more

Aloo Bhaji Recipe

 Aloo Bhaji or Potato VegetableAll Indians who know cooking  are well known about this recipe. This recipe is famous with North Indians and South Indians . But use this with variable purposes for different recipes. North Indian uses this for filling in Aloo pararthas and South Indians uses this for Masala Dosa. This recipe becomes an side dish in an main course or an filling or stuffing in other recipes like Samosa or fritters.  Lets see what is ingredients are required and procedure and instructions are followed to make this a happenning dish.IngredientsAloo / PotatoWater for boilingOnionssalt to tastegreen chilliescumin seedscoriander seedscurry leavescoriander leavesoil as per needDirections for the recipe is here  ...more

Crockpot Smothered Pork

Lamb Chops with Farro & Arugula

Lamb Chops w/ Farro & Arugula...more

The Best 2-Ingredient Appetizer: Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

Have you ever invited people over, last minute, on a complete impulse, and have just 100% underestimated you prep time?  Well, I have done this on NUMEROUS occasions.  Occasions where I have frantically sent CBH to the grocery/local market to pick up last minute items/appetizer or dish cheats/etc. just so I can flawlessly execute our evening....more

Pickled Fragrance In Chinese Olive Fried Rice

It’s a very simple dish to prepare and cook, especially since the pickled black olive vegetables could be easily purchased off the shelves of supermarket. The best part about using these bottled pickled vegetables is the oil contained within. Using this oil to fry the ingredients is the key to churning out a good old pot of fragrant Chinese olive fried rice....more