Vietnamese Spring Roll With Loads Of Fresh Herbs

The thing that makes a Vietnamese spring roll especially tasty is that it combines the freshest ingredients together in a relatively bite-sized manner – fresh herbs, sweet and juicy boiled shrimps and crunchy vegetables. Herb lovers like myself would definitely enjoy every bite of this roll given the strong basil and mint tastes packed within the rice papers....more

pumpkin oatmeal

pumpkin oatmeal 0 Yes, I am aware that it is still only August, but like a lot of people, I LOVE fall and can't wait until it gets here. Snuggly clothes, pumpkin flavored everything, using the fireplace, lighting candles, drinking potfuls of tea apologetically... you get the drift. ...more

Simple Zucchini Salmon Cakes {gluten-free}

Growing up, I was no fan of salmon. Back then, at our house, salmon meant something from a can with a shaft of spine in the center. Ick.My mother made three salmon dishes that I remember, not at all fondly: Salmon and eggs (I insist you leave a comment if you’ve ever heard of, or eaten, this.), salmon stew and salmon patties. I didn’t eat any of them....more

Home-Made Chocolate Peppermint Ice-Cream Is My Favourite Ice-Cream Flavour

Made with real mint leaves – sort of. At least I made the best use of whatever buds were growing from my mint pot. They are not growing very quickly though, so the next time I make this ice-cream, it would probably be after summer this year....more

Pickles & Bacon

Based on the title alone I'm going to guess one of two things is going through your head.  Some of you are saying 'yuck' not interested.  Some of you are saying 'tried it' or a variation of it and LOVE it.This is a recipe we've been grilling since I was a little girl.  Let's actually call it a combination as it doesn't seem complicated enough to be called a recipe.  Pickles and bacon.  If you like both of those food items but have never tried them're missing out!...more

Tasty Potato and Mustard Rings (gluten free option)

Cake in a Cup! - gluten free

Quick and easy gluten free, Cake  in a Cup!!

Quinoa and Thyme Chicken Loaf - gluten free!

Quinoa and Thyme Chicken Loaf...easy, quick and delicious. A great family meal and gluten free!! Recipe at  ...more

Broccoli and Sausage Pasta Toss

Summer is always a crazy busy time for us which means that I need recipes that are going to help me get dinner on the table quickly. Not only that, but I look for food that's going to taste good and will make enough for leftovers (I love leftovers for lunch). My husband just got a new job that will require him to bring lunch to work now too, so let the leftover wars begin....more