Steamed Chicken & Minced Meat With Salted Egg To Make A Pot Of Wealth

I love how the colour of this dish turned out to be so rich and intense. The yellow from the ginger and the tender bisque from the chicken wings gave the dish an overall glow that beckons conspicuously to meet its fate....more

The Mountain Kitchen Tip Tuesday ~ 5 Uses For Kitchen Scissors

I have a favorite knife for each task I do in the kitchen, but I don't think I even realize the varied benefits of using kitchen scissors to do some of the cutting work in the kitchen. Kitchen scissors can actually make some of the usual work of cutting some foods safer, faster and even neater than using a knife. Here are 5 ideas of uses for kitchen scissors that you may never have thought about before:...more

A Guide to Packing Lunches Your Kids Will Actually Eat (No Origami Involved)

It's officially back-to-school season, which means an onslaught of ads, articles, posts, and pins about all of the things we should be doing to get our kids ready to return to school. While there are many aspects of back-to-school time that have gotten overblown and overcomplicated, the one that continually sends me over the edge is the topic of kids' lunches. ...more
I was JUST looking online for ideas for school lunches and immediately felt overwhelmed or that ...more

Corn Is at Its Best Right Now: Put It in This Healthy Grilled Salad

Grilled Corn and Chickpea Salad from Healthy Seasonal Recipes Fresh, sweet summer corn is delicious no matter how you cook it, but I love the idea of grilled corn in this Grilled Corn and Chickpea Salad from Healthy Seasonal Recipes. Because grilled corn; how amazing does that sound? ...more
This sounds delicious! I LOVED grilled food, and we can only enjoy it for a few more weeks.more

3 Ingredient Banana Peach Ice-Cream

Creamy bananas, smooth yogurt, and sweet peaches are all you need to make this gorgeous "ice-cream" treat. ...more

Easy Salisbury Steak

I remember as a kid getting those Salisbury Steak freezer meals and thinking they were oh so tasty. Now as an adult I’ve tried them and although they are edible I just cant see myself wasting the calories on them. I practice portion control and everything, but life is too short to avoid eating the food that I love and I’m a meat and potatoes type of girl. This recipe is super easy and what makes it even better is homemade gravy; you can use the pre-made stuff but it just doesn’t give the same flavor....more

Peanut Ziti

Peanut Ziti is a very delicious and easy to make pasta recipe prepared using roasted peanuts, garlic cloves and canned beans of your choice. I love the crunchiness of the peanut and the flavor of the sauteed garlic and chilli in this dish. If you want to prepare something really quick and tasty for your lunch / dinner table then do try out this recipe....more