Mango and ginger kulfi

When I lived near Paris, an English friend and I used to frequent a wonderful little Indian restaurant where we invariably ordered kulfi and ...more

Spiced Cottage Cheese over Sauteed Collard Greens - Ethiopian Recipe

Whenever we go out for Ethiopian we usually get some kind of combo meal, sort of an ‘Ethiopian 101.’ Most restaurants have this, and everything we’ve ever had from that section of the menu has always been good, even if I can’t always remember the names of the things I am eating.This time we decided to try a couple of appetizers too. One of the things we got was this awesome Spiced Ethiopian Cottage Cheese served with a bit of sauteed collard greens. It was called Ayib Begomen. Ayib means cheese, and gomen means collard greens. I absolutely loved this appetizer....more

Slow cooker Chicken & Bean Burritos

There are days where I wake up and wonder how I am going to keep the house fed. We all know the day...You didn't sleep the night before...You were up too late...You feel unwell...You are just plain DONE and the LAST thing on your mind is cooking.  However, for some reason, the kids expect breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, regardless of what has gone on! So, NOW WHAT?...more

{Recipe} Better Than You-Know-What Chocolate Cake

Michele Brown is the Owner/Designer of Sweet Threads Clothing Co,....more

Slow cookers - saving you time, stress and mess!

Crockpots. People LOVE crockpots in the winter, so that they come home to alluring aromas of beef stew and visions of a candlelit dinner that was made while they were away working.  I'm here to tell you that crockpots are more than just a 'once in a while' occurence in my home.  In fact, I use the crock pot at least 4 times per week!Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??? How can anyone love stew that much???...more

Orange Brandy Pork Recipe

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love pork.  So what is better than to mix some delicious brandy into your pork?  Enjoy this succulent and easy recipe! Ingredients:2 Tbsp Butter (Unsalted)3 Pork LoinsSeasoning (Mediterranean Spiced Sea Salt, Basil, Thyme)1 Carrot (Outside peeled off and then peel the rest of the carrot down to the core)2/3 Cup Orange Juice1/3 Cup Grand Marnier Directions:...more

Bacon and Caramelized Onion Salad with Homemade Bacon Vinaigrette

Sometimes we all make some great decisions. Other times we make some really shitty ones… Needless to say I've made both in a period of two days. The bad decision was thinking my fiancé and I would be able to help someone out by taking care of their dog for a couple of months. I mean in reality it's really not a bad thing, but for a cat lover like me it's created two different sides of our little family. Myself and Bella (cat) on one side, Rick and Allie (dog) on the other… Who knew in two days such little four-legged creatures could create such chaos in our tiny home!...more

Bedroom Marmalade

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Crock Pot Turkey Quinoa Chili - a Toddler Favorite!

Crock Pot Turkey Quinoa Chili : A Toddler Favorite!Posted on February 11, 2015 by ErinGetting your busy toddler to eat those healthy basics, like vegetables and protein, can be a challenge on some days – most days even....more