Ceylon paratha

http://www.flavorsofmyfamilyonline.com/ceylon-egg-and-chicken-paratha/ ...more

10 minute chili

 This chili is my go-to meal when I've gotten distracted and forgotten to make dinner, when I'm short on time, or when I really need to go to the grocery store and all I have available is canned and frozen goods.It really does take only 10 minutes.  That time even includes opening the cans.  It's that easy.  And Good too.  I could easily eat this all the time.  If I have extra time I'll make some corn muffins to go with it, but they aren't necessary. ...more

raw cookie dough

I know for a fact that I'm not the only person in the world who loves raw cookie dough. Imagine you could eat raw cookie dough and not worry about eating raw eggs or gain 20 pounds in one sitting. Sound good? Imagine that your raw cookie dough is at least vaguely healthy and full of protein. Sweet. Enter in the raw cookie dough! Focus on the picture and not the ingredients. I'd seen a few similar recipes around, but when I tried them I thought the proportions tasted a bit off. This version makes the flavors blend together better and taste more like real cookie dough. ...more

Easy Pickled Peppers & Cucumbers

You guys. Pickling produce is so easy. You will be amazed that the entire bounty growing in your backyard (or on sale in the produce section at the grocery store) can be pickled and enjoyed on sandwiches, in salads, in fish tacos, on top of hamburgers, delicately placed in the fold of the bun holding a juicy hot dog, on pizza, on cheese and crackers, plain-right-out-of-the-jar. Ooooh, girl. My mouth just watered. Anyway, you name it, and it can be pickled. Cucumbers? Obviously. Asparagus. Duh. Use the deliciously brined stalks to stir a bloody mary. Carrots? Uh huh. ...more

Easy Lemon Pudding Pound Cake

This is an easy, light perfect summertime dessert to take as a gift to your next party!It would even make a fabulously different birthday cake. Go ahead, surprise someone...just make sure you get to eat some too!...more

Bacon Wrapped Sausage

These bacon wrapped sausage dogs are making my mouth water as I simply sit to write out this recipe for all of you gracious people. This recipe even first thing in the morning will bring satisfaction to my palette. It's a great meal for the warm summer heat surrounding your backyard and your barbecue with good family conversation while the kiddos play.Ingredients:...more

How-To Tuesday: Lemon-Pepper and Dill Salmon

Helloooo there! Welcome to another “How-To Tuesday”!Today I’m showing you how to make my all-time favorite salmon recipe. It’s so easy and is incredibly delicious!!You could also try grilling this, but I can’t vouch for the results. If you do try it, I’d love to hear how it turned out! Lemon-Pepper and Dill Salmon...more

Moon Sand

Today I'm going to share some kid friendly fun! Making Moon Sand. This was our very first experience making this and it will not be the last! There are lots of recipes online about making your own moon sand and I'm going to share what I used today. It was soooo simple and took a few minutes to whip up. ...more

Taking Vanilla Ice Cream to Ice Cream Parlor Levels

ICE CREAM MASH UP TIME! Here's a really simple way to take your vanilla ice cream to ice cream parlor level!!!...more

Fish Tacos

Today was an absolutely beautiful day filled with church, relaxation and good eats. My husband and I had some great conversations while enjoying the sun. Typically we spend every weekend busy with chores or out traveling around. Today we sat and had great conversations with some yummy iced coffee and delicious food.Fish tacos were not on the menu for tonight's dinner, but as the night progressed it simply turned into that as we both decided we had been talking about fish tacos for awhile....more