Mini Chocolate Coffee Cups

Here is one last minute recipe you can include on your Easter dessert table.  Whether you serve brunch or dinner, this is an easy one to include....more

DIY: Upside Down French Braided Top Knot

It's easy, really. And quick, too. This upside down french braided top knot. So easy, in fact, that you can do this on your own head, if you've got the skills for french braiding upside down...No worries, right? Either way, you're reaching behind your head, anyway......more

Easy Dinner Tonight: Sheet Pan Greek Chicken + Tutorial!

I'm dreaming right now of Greece... sunbaked sandy beaches, lapis blue ocean waters and the air subtly scented with wild oregano. ...more

Recipe: Spinach Portabella Pizza with Sun Dried Tomatoes and Pine Nuts

One of the things we love best about spring is the arrival of baseball season. We can’t resist the crack of the bat, the savory flavors of hot dogs, and the opportunity to get together with family and friends to run the bases and get a little (and if we’re being honest, very) dirty.When it comes to the unexpected, baseball can’t be beat. Pinch hitters are often brought in at the last minute to change things up a bit.This got us thinking about food substitutions. We all love pizza, but is there a way we could pinch hit the crust to make it healthier?...more

#Tuesday night : #Pizza with "friarielli" and sausage

Tuesday night, easy and quick dinner fix? The answer is pretty easy, Pizza!We love Pizza, and we enjoy quite often, and we love experimenting new toppings and recipes and usually use ingredients that taste really good when eaten by themselves, so why not use them as pizza toppings and take them to the next level? Here you go, a delicious pizza full of bold flavors : Pizza with Friarielli and Sausage....more

Green Eggs and Ham Sandwich

I’ve been dreaming of having egg salad for a while. Not sure why, it’s not something I usually crave, and I definitely don’t eat it that often. But I just couldn’t stop thinking about egg salad! There is just something so good about egg salad. How many times can one say egg salad in one paragraph?...more

Slow Cooker Honey Balsamic Pork With Tangy Coleslaw

As the weather gets warmer, I start thinking about cookouts and parties … and when I think of cookouts, I think of pulled pork BBQ! There are about a bazillion (yes, seriously) recipes for pulled pork BBQ out there, and usually everyone already has a favorite. But this one… wow, this one is just simply awesome!! It's sweet, garlicky, tangy, succulent and tender....more

Quick, healthy, vegan breakfast in 20 minutes.

Ingredients2 cups quick oats1 cup oats flour2 cups baby kale1 ½ cups silken tofu (mashed)1 ¼ tsp salt1 ½ tbsp. sriracha sauce...more

Homemade Chicken Bacon Alfredo Pizza Recipe

Homemade Chicken Bacon Alfredo Pizza RecipeOh. My. Goodness. The guilt is setting in. I took a little unplanned “vacation”. I haven’t posted in 9 days!!! I am sorry!!! I have been preoccupied researching a post for next week. I am going to make it up to you today with a yummy recipe for Homemade Chicken Bacon Alfredo Pizza! This is a favorite at our house!...more

A Crazy-Healthy Snack for the Junk Food Junkie!

Ok, chicadees, your loving prof has a confession to make.Ready?Here it is:I am a junk. Food. Junkie.Ask anyone who knows me.I can’t even buy snacks because I will eat them – all of them – in a single sitting. I just can’t do it.But I have some good news. The first step is realizing you have a problem. The second step is:Not caring....more