Treasure Chest Thursday Recipes - North African Chicken Couscous

NORTH AFRICAN CHICKEN COUSCOUSPosted by Let's Have Mixture in Chicken, Entree, ...more

Quick 'n' Easy: Naan Pizza

My 'go to' quick pizza made with Tandoori naan. Try it you'll love it!...more

My Favorite Green Smoothie

 I've talked here and there about healthy eating but today I'd like to share one of my favorite ways to start my morning off on the right foot: a green smoothie.  It might sound a little over the top but I'll just say it: green smoothies are a game changer. ...more

Black Bean Hamburgers

Did you know 1 cup of black beans has 15 grams of protein and doesn't contain the saturated fat found in meat!?! Try these Black Bean Burgers for a healthy alternative!! You can also make these dairy/soy free!!! #yumm...more

Easter Weekend + Dinner Menu

Hope you had a great Easter!I love this time of year, the warm sunny weather puts a new outlook on everything. This weekend, I scrubbed our house top to bottom with Mrs. Jones Soapbox non-toxic cleaning products. Thanks to my friend Katie  for the heads up!...more

Simply Perfect Devilled Eggs

These Classic Devilled Eggs are Simply Perfect!  The Devilled Eggs you grew up eating at Potlucks and Backyard Barbecues.  This Easy Recipe will be your Go-To when you want a Nostalgic and Delicious Appetizer....more

Hidden Veggie Pizza Rolls

I'm always worried that my daughter isn't eating enough veggies, so I've decided to start making "veggie hidden dishes"! These hidden veggie pizza rolls are so yummy and easy to make!Recipe Here!Xo,

Diet Soda Fruit Cobbler

Diet Soda Fruit Cobbler Here is an easy / healthier version of a fruit cobbler!  I made this for my hubby and I last night and we will definitely be making it again!...more

3 Go To Party Foods

These three appetizers are easy to make and always crown pleasing!!  Fruit Salsa, Marshmallow Dip, and Poppers!  Check out our blog here for the recipes!!I hope one of these appetizers make it to your next party or gathering!!Xo,Everythingsisters...more

Disney Frozen Inspired Drink

Frozen Inspired DrinkDo Not Let it Go! Your Disney Frozen Party Must have this quick and easy drink to bring the excitement to the party....more