Layered Vanilla Wafer Pie(no-bake)

This five ingredient pie is not only simple to make, it's also very satisfying to eat.  A creamy no-bake pie made with delicate French vanilla pudding layered with Nilla wafers. Sweet simplicity! Recipe at

Lemon Glazed Blueberry Jam Bread

What a great thing to whip up on a weekend morning! This tender sweet blueberry jam bread with added deliciousness from a lemon glaze is a nice addition to the breakfast table. Blueberries and lemon compliment one another well in this quick bread! Recipe at ...more

Blend It With Chicken Liver Paté

I simply love paté. I love it so much I could eat just paté alone for a meal....more

Make your own mixes!

Hey there, friends!  With soccer season upon us (and my girls' ongoing theatrical studies!) I'm all about easy but REAL food.  My crockpot has been getting a workout as has my freezer.  To make it even simpler I thought I'd take some of our favorite recipes and turn them into mixes.  ...more


Chicken salad is so underrated. I only make it when there’s a potluck or a picnic because it’s so portable, but every time i do, i’m always reminded of how tasty it is...This turned out to be a tasty, hearty meal full of healthy fat and protein that was so easy to make (only 3 steps in the instructions!). And it’s naturally gluten-free and dairy-free without having to substitute anything which i always appreciate! [Read more]...more

5 Delicious Oreo Cake Recipes

Oreo, the iconic black and white cookie that now comes in a half dozen flavors and new "thins" for those people who think they can stop at just one.  But, what about Oreo cake?  Yes, that's right, your favorite cookie can be transformed into yummy cake and these OREO cake recipes will surely make you go “mmmm.”We've rounded up some of the best Oreo cake recipes on Internet to tempt you.  Just take a look at these pictures and tell me you can resist....I didn't think so.  ...more

Meringue Topped Banana Pudding

You simply can't go wrong with the choice of banana pudding! A creamy sumptuous vanilla pudding layered with bananas and Nilla wafers. A definite hit with all ages! Recipe at

Homemade Basil -Walnut Pesto

 Classic Italian pesto sauce that made of basil and walnut, very creamy, delicious and healthy. It takes only minutes to make and you can have it with pasta or salad. Buonissimo!...more

Grilled Chicken Fajitas

These chicken thighs are rubbed with a zesty blend of authentic Mexican seasonings that make preparing delicious fajitas a breeze. Speaking of breezes, we could have really used one the night we grilled these chicken fajitas......more
Looks really good. Thanks for the recipe! I recently purchased Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals ...more

Chocolate Banana Cheerios Bars

These treats have a lot going for them: easy, yummy, and definitely kid-friendly. Chocolate Cheerios in a marshmallow treat with the added benefit of banana chips. Perfect for a lunch box or an after school snack! Recipe at ...more