My Culinary Experience at the New York Wine and Culinary Center

I was in Rochester, NY this week for work.  What a beautiful place to be in the fall!  The leaves are already beginning to show their color and the views from every angle in that city were just stunning. It was that sweet reminder that you get in the fall, that there is always a new beginning and a chance to change, revive and evolve from the space that you are currently in.  It was really beautiful. ...more

Recipe: Honeycrisp Cinnamon Oats

Late Summer and early Autumn is my favourite time of year for produce. Most of my favourites are abundant – figs, black grapes, concord grapes, pears, and… Honeycrisp Apples....more

Creamy Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin Kale Mac and Cheese

Cheesy pasta shells coated with rich, slightly sweet pumpkin puree, bite size kale, and just a kick of garlic. Fall meets comfort food in this deliciously creamy pumpkin kale mac and cheese.I think I just found a new side dish for my Thanksgiving dinner. Or maybe it’ll just be my main dish.Seriously. That good....more

The Wake-Up Call Smoothie

Witch Hat Cookies

Witch Hat Cookies. They are super easy and very cute if I do say so myself.Ingredients:Fudge Stripe Shortbread CookiesHersey KissesIcing...more

Good Finds for Halloween

Besides my usual outfit and recipe highlights, I like to share what's been occupying my time lately in hopes that there is someone out there doing the same thing and could possibly benefit from the information presented. Halloween ideas have been occupying my mind these days as October 31st is fast approaching....more

Cheesy Potato Rounds

Who doesn’t love a good potato recipe especially when its topped with cheese.Doesn’t cheese make everything appealing??It does in this house.Whenever I make these there are never any left over!!check out the recipe here!