Banana Berry Pumpkin Muffins

Pumpkin is one of those awesome flavors that tends to get bypassed any other time of the year than fall. I love pumpkin. I cook with it all year long! Most of the time I am lucky enough to have fresh pumpkin from the fall when we carve ours. I take it out, mash it up, and freeze it for when I want to use it. Unfortunately this year I did a lot of baking in the fall and winter and I find myself out! When this happens, I go to the store and buy organic canned pumpkin. It is as close to the real thing as I can get without all those preservatives we hate putting in our food....more

Chicken Stir Fry

A quick, easy and most importantly delicious recipe for dinner time any night of the week :) Ingredients:2Tbsp Olive Oil (I prefer light tasting)2 Chicken Breasts (or 4-5 tenderloins) choppedSeasoning- Alpine Touch (Salt & Pepper), Crushed Red Pepper, Tarragon, Dash of GingerBag of frozen mixed veggies (whatever you prefer, I used carrots, broccoli & water chestnuts)...more

Mommy Meal Tip #1: Panera Bread Dressings

I like to cook, that is, when I have time to search for recipes, plan meals, make a grocery list, go to the store ALONE, and peacefully cook planned meals, uninterrupted.  Then someone else puts away the leftovers and cleans up the kitchen.  Since no two of any of these things happen simultaneously, the "love to cook" is a little more like "I have to cook because I have little mouths to feed." ...more

#Sausage, potato rosti, and cheese & leeks mini pies

Tonight's meal was a really rustic yet a really delicious combination of ingreadiends, baked all together without adding that much seasoning as the various ingredients were busting with flavors already! ...more

Pumpkin Sage Sauce

Sage (Latin: Salvia), with over 700 varieties growing in diverse areas of the globe, has been valued since ancient times for both its healing properties and culinary applications.Folklore about the ‘healing herb’ abounds. It was believed that:...more

Break Out Your Grill! Grilled Salmon Burger Recipe

Something exciting happened a couple days ago. Since a picture says a thousand words, let’s just show you:Daffodils! It’s official: spring is on its way!...more

Our Home-made pizza dough recipe!

Many of you have emailed us asking the recipe for our homemade pizza dough, well here you go! We always enjoy this recipe and we use to make a variety of dishes,we hope you enjoy it too!  Ingredients:  ✔️1 package active dry yeast ( or 25 grams of fresh one)✔️1 teaspoon sugar...more

Make This Easy, Healthy Cumin-Lentil Spread

Mmm, lentils. Tasty and good for you, they're packed with 18 grams of protein, 16 grams of fiber, and only one gram of fat per cup. This spread is simple to make, and you can throw it together as a quick appetizer or snack. If your time is very limited, you can even use a can of lentils instead of dried. ...more

2 Ingriedient Frappuccino

Check out our post for this protein rich drink that is waistline and budget friendly!