How is it July already?!CBH and I are heading out to New Jersey for a nice long weekend, and I couldn’t be any more excited.  {I feel like I’ve had a countdown going for at least a month now.}  My brother and his new wife are coming in from New York for the weekend too, to spend time with CBH and I and my folks.  It will be a wonderful weekend filled with people I love. ...more

Sauteed Shrimp and Zoodles

Zoodles. Yes, I went down that roller coaster ride. Although somewhat hesitantly. You see, I’ve been there done that in the quest to replace my beloved noodles. We won’t discuss the great spaghetti squash incident of 2012. So, yes, I was in the back of the line for the zoodle coaster but I finally got on. I started with some things around the house and made this Sauteed Shrimp and Zoodles recipe....more

Banana Pie Pudding Cups

I did not have to ask my daughter if she wanted to learn to cook or help me in the kitchen. It's been a natural progression for her over her whole life. Since I started cooking at a young age, I didn't have the usual fears of her being in the kitchen with me. Of course, I don't let her wield a sharp knife or cook on the stove unattended but I do follow the philosophy I learned from Maria Montessori and that is to "never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed." ...more

Gluten Free Pizza Muffins

I know what you're thinking, how can pizza possibly be good as a muffin? Well, friends, let me tell you. These little pizza muffins are possibly one of the best gluten free things I have ever made. They're gooey, cheesy and are nearly better than actual pizza. And the best part is you wouldn't even know they are gluten free. I had to cut myself off, or I would have eaten all twelve of them....more

Brussels Sprouts - Mediterranean Style

Brussel Sprouts are packed with all sorts of vitamins and nutrients.That is not a selling point for many members of my family. So, I turned into a Mediterranean style dish with olives and feta cheese.This was an instant hit with everyone and now, we make it at least once a week. It is very simple to make and takes no time at all....more

Cucumber Sandwich - Asian Style

 You have all had cucumber sandwich at one point or another in your life. Have you ever had Asian Style Cucumber Sandwich?  This is a fun and very filling recipe for picnics. I added pistachios to make it more delicious.  There is Soy sauce and even Sriracha sauce in this recipe....more

Tomato Cobbler

Let us face it, southern dishes are not known for being vegetarian friendly.I met a wonderful lady over a decade ago and she was the epidemy of southern living.  She lived in the outskirts of Atlanta, so, it was in the heart of the South.She had never met a vegetarian like me and I had never met a southern lady like her.  Her idea of vegetarian was eating fruits only....more

Strawberry Shortcake Cookies

 Who doesn't love strawberry shortcake desserts, right?  It has to be one of my all time favorite desserts.The only con of strawberry shortcake desserts is that they are messy!  So, I took all the good elements of strawberry shortcake dessert and put them into a cookie....more

Spicy Coconut Lime Sauce

Sometimes, simplicity is the best way to go ...more

Blue Lemonade

I have always wanted to make Blue Lemonade with natural flavors. However, this task proved to be tougher than I thought. Blue is so hard to achieve using any blue food items. I tried Blueberries, Rhubarb, Blackberries, Grapes and even, purple carrots. None of this worked. So, I ended up using Natural Blue Coloring. The lemonade was made like I always do. Also, I added some blueberry ice cubes. Find the recipe at - ...more