Mini Pizzas

I used to be a horrible morning person. All growing up I could never get up in time for school. My dad would come in on a bright sunny morning with extreme excitement in his voice. "Honey, it snowed last night!" I would try and process which season we were in, whether I should be excited or simply the sad reality that what my dad just shared was absurd. It was summer, 70 degrees by 7 am and my dad is trying to get me out of bed with snowflakes....more

Pan Friend Fish (Mahi)

In desperate need of a last minute meal idea??? Here's a quick, healthy option.I decided the other night I had waited to long to begin dinner and BBQ'ing was out of the question. My son need to eat and eat now, as it was his bedtime. Opps, I was slacking on my bedtime routine with him and let us play outside for way longer than recommended. :)Tonight's menu: Pan fried Mahi, sausage, salad and rice. Easy, simple and good for you!...more

Bacon Wrapped Sausage

These bacon wrapped sausage dogs are making my mouth water as I simply sit to write out this recipe for all of you gracious people. This recipe even first thing in the morning will bring satisfaction to my palette. It's a great meal for the warm summer heat surrounding your backyard and your barbecue with good family conversation while the kiddos play.Ingredients:...more

Rice-Cooker Risotto

I get cravings for risotto at odd hours, which is annoying because risotto typically takes a while to make and a lot of effort to stir. So when that craving arrives around 10 p.m. on a weeknight, no bueno. That's why I started looking into risotto shortcuts. Enter the rice cooker. Seems like this concept would be a no-brainer because risotto is rice, and a rice cooker is made to prepare rice. But, the intricacies involved in cooking risotto always just made me assume that this machine wasn't ideal for making it. I was wrong. Sue me. ...more Hi Robin! I can't wait to hear what you think! My rice cooker only has one ...more

Dad's Peanut Butter Pie: Family Recipe Friday

Hi there and happy Friday everyone!! :) Wow, it's August 1st already.Summer please SLOW DOWN for a minute! Is anyone else's summer flying by too? I swear it was just the 4th of July....more

Summer Lemon Pasta

A girlfriend of mine is embarking on a 3-week European vacation tomorrow.  She'll be visiting London, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Florence and Venice.  As she was planning her itinerary the last few weeks, I started to recall all my travels to France and Italy and inevitably, I remembered all the delicious food I consumed.  From baguettes and tarts to pasta and gelato, each meal was so heavenly and I long for the day when I can revisit these magical cities and indulge once again....more

Ceylon paratha ...more

10 minute chili

 This chili is my go-to meal when I've gotten distracted and forgotten to make dinner, when I'm short on time, or when I really need to go to the grocery store and all I have available is canned and frozen goods.It really does take only 10 minutes.  That time even includes opening the cans.  It's that easy.  And Good too.  I could easily eat this all the time.  If I have extra time I'll make some corn muffins to go with it, but they aren't necessary. ...more