Booze Baking: Mocha Rum Brownies


Roasted Shrimp Salad

Weekend, you are almost here!  Oh, I love prepping for the weekend: eagerly anticipating fun plans after a busy week.  Here is a great new recipe for anyone who may be attending/hosting a BBQ, or just looking for a tasty dish for the weekend.Roasted Shrimp Salad, courtesy of Ina Garten.  The hints of orange, dill and capers are a wonderful compliment to the shrimp.  Definitely a keeper!Recipe:...more


Sometimes the best dinners are created from the most random ingredients you find in your kitchen.  ...more

Sparking Cranberry Sprizer

#NaBloPoMo - Tasty Tuesday - November 25, 2014

Today I want to share with you our dinner from last night. I'm made homemade chicken soup.  I began by boiling about 12 chicken tenders in water with 3 chicken bouillon cubes.  While that was cooking, my oldest son began boiling water to cook the Amish Noodles in that we had bought at Sam's Club.  My family loves almost any type of noodles....more

A Food Blogger's Moment of Truth - & my favorite Salmon Recipe {w/ panko, parsley, and lemon}

Let’s get a little more honest, shall we?  A little truth about how A Toast to the Good Life came to be..Let’s face the facts: We all can’t be gourmet chefs {I am the furthest thing from that!} – spending hours in the kitchen whipping up fabulously delicious, innovative and creative dinners to keep our family and friends on their toes.  Most of us have other obligations we have to tend to during the day – i.e. a job, children, pets, other passions and interests, the gym, errands to keep our lives in order and intact....more


Have you ever invited people over, last minute, on a complete impulse, and have just 100% underestimated you prep time?  Well, I have done this on NUMEROUS occasions.  Occasions where I have frantically sent CBH to the grocery/local market to pick up last minute items/appetizer or dish cheats/etc. just so I can flawlessly execute our evening....more

Cranberry Cherry Sauce

Can you believe Thanksgiving is just three days away? THREE DAYS!!!???!!! Eeek!But seriously, I can't believe how fast this year has gone by and the Holidays are once again upon us.With that in mind, I thought it was only appropriate to share a traditional holiday recipe with y'all today. Well, not really traditional because there's a little spin on it....more

Coconut Turkey Soup

Wild Mushroom Soup

Day 22 of 30 Soups in 30 Days......more