Dum Aloo Vindaloo - Delicious potato curry

Dum Aloo Vindaloo is a easy, delicious curry in which the potatoes are cooked in gravy prepared using freshly blended spices and tomatoes. It is then tempered with roasted cumin and garlic....more

Potato And Luncheon Cubes Bathed In Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce goes well with most food, both as a dipping sauce and as a condiment. As the latter, it is easily absorbed to create flavour, which helps in creating a healthy and appetising outlook for the dish....more

Blueberry Jam with Pinot Noir

Blueberries are my favourite summer fruit and they are also kind of symbol of summer and holidays. When I was a kid I used to spend part of holidays with my family on the cottage in the countryside. Sometimes the weather wasn’t ideal to go for swim, so we went to the forest to get some blueberries and my mum used to do some tasty treats with it. ...more

Giant Grilled Stuffed Zucchini

I know we have already discussed this but my garden never ceases to amaze me. The fruits and vegetables that I am harvesting are beautiful, full of colour and absilutely massive. The zucchinis are the size of a small baseball bat so naturally stuffed zucchini are the fist thing that comes to mind. Sure I will make zucchini bread and muffins but that will be a later post so please stayed tuned....more

Microwave Recipe – Lemon Mug Cake

Who doesn’t like microwave food? It is convenient, fast and easy. It is not only to reheat or defrost food, even can make a cake! Amazingly delicious lemon mug cake in 2 minutes!!!! Let’s try it!...more

Soft Pretzels

Soft Pretzels 蝴蝶餅麵包Breads, CATEGORIES | 12th August 2015 | By Mrs P's Kitchen...more

{Easy, Healthy, Freezable} Banana Pancakes

All hail breakfast!  In my house, it's pretty much the only meal of the day that doesn't begin with a fight and end in tears (either mine or my toddler's).  Yes, much to my delight, my little dude LOVES breakfast, and we both look forward to this special, drama-free meal each morning.  And since we all know it's the "most important" meal of the day, I do my best to pack as much nutrition onto his tiny toddler fork as possible....more

Peach Upside Down Cake

How about a spin on a classic dessert? This peach version of upside down cake is topped with cinnamon peaches caramelized to perfection with a moist cake featuring a hint of cinnamon. Total yum for peach season! Recipe at http://www.neveradullbite.com/2015/08/12/peach-upside-down-cake/...more

Healthy French Toast

Who doesn't love Saturdays? The work week is done, and we get to sleep in. And because of sleeping in, we get to indulge in this glorious one word tradition: Brunch! Yep. It's pretty much my favorite day of the week....more

Potato Bread

Potato Bread is a easy, soft and tasty bread recipe prepared using mashed potato, flour and milk. This bread is got a mild flavor of potato and little sweetness. You can serve this bread with butter, maple syrup or  with any spicy curry for breakfast / lunch / dinner or even use it in sandwich....more
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