Asian-Inspired "Crack Slaw"

First off, let me say how amazing this quick meal is! I grabbed it from Francelina, also known as Francy from NBC's The Biggest Loser's, Instagram. I had to do a double-take (and laugh out loud) when I read the name of this dish....more

Cheesy Black Bean Bites


Pineapple Teriyaki Burgers

Time for the next installment of my summer burger quest....more

Quail Eggs in Mini Bell Peppers

I love trying anything different food-wise, and I’ve always been curious to try ostrich eggs and quail eggs. I can’t get myself to commit to buying a $30-40 ostrich egg, but I finally decided to give quail eggs a try!...more

Seafood Pasta for Two

  Seafood Pasta for two 2 tablespoons olive oil...more

Turkey Meat Balls in Gravy (picture!)

This recipe is a common recipe, I put my own twist in this, hope you enjoy!...more

Cauliflower Cream Soup (Picture included)

I'm Starting off this food blog with a the middle of summer! But this is a great recipe on a rainy summer day or any other time of the year. ...more

Kadhi Kachori with Dal Kachori

Kadhi Kachori  is a very popular North-Indian dish prepared using besan/chickpea flour , yogurt and spices. This is no onion, no garlic recipe. I watch lot of food  and travel shows and I found the combination of kadhi andkachori very interesting. So I thought of trying this out....more

Homemade Fluffy Marshmallows

I feel like I'm done adulting. Like I totally need an adulting break. Just take me away to a tropical island with no responsibilities for a good week or two...or a month or five. And yes, the kids can totally come as long as they are the ones doing the adulting. I mean whose idea was it to give adults SO MANY responsibilities?!...more