Apple Quesadilla

So yesterday I shared a savory apple dish and today I am going to share another favorite that is a sweet apple dish.  This one is going to make you drool.  I'll wait for a second while you grab a napkin. Apple Chocolate and Peanut Butter Quesadillas...more

Crema Pasticciera (Thick Italian Custard For Filling)

 Crema PasticcieraThis is a thick Italian custard, perfect for filling, but also a quick home-made dessert. Easy step by step and fully illustrated recipe (also in Italian).foodfulife.comSerena foodfulife...more

Shrimp Scampi

This is my rendition of the classic Italian dish.  This comes together in minutes and easily impresses.  Don’t skip the butter at the end in the interest in saving calories because at 40 calories (or 10 calories per person) you can’t beat the richness and flavour it adds.

Eggs in a Hole - The Healthy Version

Apple Cheddar Bacon Paninis

I kicked off this September season with a scrumptiousApple Cinnamon Chip Cookie Sandwich.Labor Day had just finished and I couldn't wait to share...those cookies are soooo good!...more

Sneaky Mom: Black Bean Brownies

Amber @ Fit, Foodie RunsFor recipe visit: it comes to trying my recipes, my husband always asks, “What’s in it?” He has learned his lesson pretty well. He asks because he has no idea what is in any recipe – and not in the way you would think.My son is considered a very “selective” eater and if he could eat carbs, cheese and chocolate all day he would. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that or maybe to him he think it does!...more

Strawberry Protein Smoothie

Avocado Lime Chicken Enchiladas

These ain’t your normal enchiladas with the red sauce, no maa’m. You actually make your own sauce to pour over the enchiladas and it is delicious! A mild spicy and tangy sauce that bakes into the enchiladas (mild spicy ~ not too hot and not blah, just the right amount of flavoring…mild spicy {yes, that is a word in Sweet and Spicy Monkey’s kitchen…smile}).I found the recipe over at Six Sisters' Stuff and I’ve adapted it to my own liking. I’m not really a fan of cilantro, well make that a lot of cilantro…ok, anything over 1 Tablespoons of cilantro added into a meal is way too much for me unless its salsa! I know, weird, right? Since I love Mexican food so much....more

The Perfect Pairing: Bacon & Cocktails!

Two delicious items for your weekend (or any night of the week). Bacon and cocktails. -PJ Gach...more