Red Velvet Kiss Cookies

Triple Chocolate Biscotti

  I've ...more

Duck, Duck, Goose: Hank Shaw on Cooking Waterfowl and His Truly Epic Book Tour

Hank Shaw doesn't do things the easy way. That's a given, considering that he's been blogging since 2007 at Hunter Angler Gardener Cook, sharing recipes and techniques for the food he eats -- nearly 100% of it hunted, fished, foraged, or grown himself; the rest sustainably raised by real people. ...more
What a great interview, thanks Julie! Hank is truly inspirational.more

Leftovers reborn, hot & cold

Let’s say you roasted a chicken last night and now you have the leftover meat in your fridge. If you have a few cans of the right stuff on the shelf you can have a whole new meal with that leftover chicken. With mostly the same ingredients you have 2 choices, a salad or a soup. Both are easy and don’t require much more that opening a few cans and chopping a vegetable or two. ...more

Sticky maple gingerbread cake

I think you are going to love this cake....more

Breakfast Bread Pudding


Lemon Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies

 Lemon, Raspberry, Cream Cheese, Cookies…what’s not to love with this combination?...more

Christmas Goodies Recipes – Sweets & Appetizers – Printable

I just love baking and making candy and goodies at Christmas!...more

Baked Oreo Donuts

The days on the calendar are flying by: Christmas is around the corner.  I celebrate it.  I give and receive presents.  I host a couple of get-togethers.  Honestly though, ...more