Catchy title right?! No it is not a hybrid of a chicken and fish together. It's just your typical breakfast egg muffins that you have seen on every food blog or post circulating the internet. Have yet to see someone give it a name though. So, Hey, I decided to give one! If you see it elsewhere, you saw it here first!...more

Chipotle Honey Marinade

I am notorious for throwing stuff together that is in my pantry or refrigerator to say I "Put something together". From the bare minimum (when I forgot to go grocery shopping a.k.a A Struggle Meal) to when the everything is stocked and I have no plan of what I want to make for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. LOL! Those moments however, are the moments where I come up with the best recipes; the moments where it's less strategic and nonchalant. This recipe was one of those moments....more

Blood Orange Gin & Tonics

This Blood Orange Gin & Tonic is such a bright spot. It always reminds me that Spring is real and it is coming. It’s quite tart which is my go-to cocktail profile but also has some sweetness from the blood orange to round it out. ...more

Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies

Everyone has to have a signature cookie recipe. A default. One, where in a moment’s notice, you can whip it together, knowing the outcome will be exactly how you plan....more

Lemon Chicken Noodle Soup

Got stuffy sinuses, headache, throat hurt?Feel like you are coming down with something?Feel like you just want to stay under the covers?This is just the right medicine to bring you out from under the covers! ...more

Rabbit and Vegetable Soup

Tonight's been one heck of an evening… To say this was an easy meal to make is sugar-coating the reality of a situation....more

Ode To My New Wok With Salted Fish Fried Rice

I’m so happy! So elated! Extremely ecstatic! ~ I’ve got a new wok! A new toy!This, after six months of frying with an overused and undermost unqualified crockery – a saucepan. I’m on cloud nine!...more

Fennel and Citrus Salad

When my mom and I took an Italian vacation back in 2005 (Somehow I got to go instead of my father…) we stayed at Casa Caponetti, a working olive oil facility in Tuscania, and I have been longing to return for the olive harvest and oil pressing ever since.Fennel and Citrus SaladHappy cooking!Judy Allen I Ten Thousand Snacks...more

Dutch Oven Nut & Raisin Rice With A Royal Fragrance

I used to like cooking this rice dish when I was still staying with my parents. The original recipe (I cannot remember where I plugged it out from – it was more than ten years ago!) called for the rice to be cooked in a rice cooker. It was therefore convenient to dump all the ingredients into the cooker and leave the rice to cook neatly....more

Reuben Hye Rollers

Not really an Irish recipe at all, but the Reuben gains the spotlight during the St. Patrick's Day season. ...more