Tasty Tuesday: Hawaiian Chicken

Tasty Tuesday: Hawaiian Chicken When I began writing this post, I figured I could find this recipe all over the internet. Apparently not. If you Google Hawaiian chicken, you get all kinds of results, but good luck finding this one....more

Poached Egg Sandwich

This gorgeous and elegant poached egg sandwich will impress anyone.Runny silky yolk over smooth avocado spread and topped with tangy flavorful chimichurri sauce.It’s perfect for brunch and will transform your typical breakfast to fancy one.Poached eggs may sound like something very complicated to make, but actually it’s really easy with just few simple steps.Serves 4Ingredients:8 eggs1/4 cup vinegar/white wine vinegar1 Hass avocado...more

Stuffed Peppers

As a child, the dish of stuffed peppers were in the regular rotation of meals that my Mom versed us in preparing while she was at work. My brothers did not enjoy the pepper part of the dish so to avoid a debate, we would make extra large meatballs. My Mom's recipe used green peppers and my DH can't stand them so I tweaked the recipe using the coloured varieties.Stuffed Peppers using the Flavour EnhancersStuffed Peppers using the Flavour Enhancers...more
LavondaThigpen  Thanks for letting me know. The spaghetti pic is my blogher gravatar, wonder if ...more

The Perfect Lunch Bowl


Ham Frittata with Asparagus, Grape Tomatoes, Chives & Brie

Despite buying the smallest ham I could find, we were left with leftovers from our Easter dinner this past Sunday.  To spice up our leftovers, I decided to make a frittata on Monday for dinner.  I love making frittatas because they're incredibly quick, easy, and utilize ingredients that are readily available in a well-stocked pantry/larder.  I like to keep holiday dinners simple because a.) I'm the one doing all of the cooking, and b.) I'd rather spend quality time with family than be a slave to the kitchen, fussing over elaborate meal preparations....more

Pineapple-Mango Popsicles

This tropical ice pop serves as a smoothie, too - just a few basic healthy ingredients and seasonal fresh fruit.http://www.italiangirlcooks.com/pineapple-mango-tropical-popsicle-or-smo......more

It's the Great Pumpkin Latte, Charlie Brown!

So I rival Linus and his unrequited love for the pumkin....more

Slow-Cooked Chocolate Lava Deliciousness

You already know ...more

Pina Colada Smoothie

Kick off this long holiday weekend with a Healthy Pina Colada Smoothie. This pineapple drink is easy to make. It can be left virgin or can easily be made into an alcoholic drink. ...more
SaraCrisóstomo Well that's a good question. It's definitely not working. I'm going to file a ...more