How to Make Chocolate Easter Egg Baskets

Are you entertaining family and friends over the Easter weekend? Do you need a quick recipe that will feed the masses, taste delicious, and even better, that the kids can make?!  ...more

Sweet And Spicy Sesame Chicken


Chorizo Corn Chowder

 I love this chowder because it is so sooooo easy  and can easily be adapted for any level of spiciness. If you are sensitive to spice, the chorizo itself will provide a little kick but if you like it hotter, add the red pepper flakes or a pich of cayanne. If you are watching your waistline, you can use lowfat milk but of calories be damned, the heavy cream makes this wonderfully rich....more

Tasty Tuesday: Lemon Garlic Chicken with Green Beans and Potatoes

Tasty Tuesday: Lemon Garlic Chicken with Green Beans and Potatoes I'll preface this recipe by saying it isn't the shortest amount of time you will spend on a recipe, but it is super simple and only requires a few ingredients (and it's a one dish meal so less cleanup)....more

Peachy Keen! 4 Peach Flavored Cocktails to Celebrate Spring

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~ Three Cheese Mac N Cheese ~ Better than boxed!

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Turkey Quinoa Burgers Plus LinkyParty and Giveaway

Amber @ Fit, Foodie RunsFor Recipe go here:

Cooking With Peeps – 5 Recipes

Cooking With Peeps – 5 Recipes ...more

Just 4 Ingredients: DIY Peanut Butter Eggs

Reese’s peanut butter eggs are the absolute best!  Everyone has their favorite Easter candy, and peanut butter eggs are mine.  As a kid, my Easter basket was stocked with the chocolate-covered, peanut butter-filled candies.  I loved them then, and I love them now....more
Congratulations to Amanda Finks for her Peanut Butter Eggs being featured on BlogHer. Feel free ...more