Healthy Turkey Meatball and Kale Soup

If you are petite, gaining a few pounds means that you can only fit into your loose jeans. In an effort to return to my “skinny” jeans, I added this soup to my diet. The intent is to pack a nutritional punch into one hot, healthy and comforting bowl. Start with the turkey meatballs—it has flaxseed, mushrooms and sweet potatoes. For even more goodness, kale, white beans, carrots and tomatoes are added to the soup. To maximize the nutritional value and for bulk, I use a high-fiber pasta or a vegetable-added pasta. ...more
BlogHerFood This sounds so good. Maybe a good idea for dinner tonight. Thanks : )more

Yam Paste Dessert Or What Teochews Call ‘Orh-Nee’

It’s been my favourite dish at wedding dinners. I always save my stomach for this last dish whenever I see its name pop out on wedding menus. Yummy yum yum… the savoury taste of (dialectal) roots – literally!...more

Zucchini Turkey Sliders

Over the winter my mom and dad bought the Jerusalem cookbook  a few months ago, and I was lucky enough to dine on quite a few dishes from the book over the off season. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. The pictures are incredible, but more importantly, all of the dishes have been superb. If you have any interest in Middle Eastern cuisine, this book will really expand your repertoire....more

Chocolate Walnut Crispy Treats (with gluten free option)

Amber @ Fit, Foodie RunsVisit here for recipe: week, we stretched the buck. I ran out of all our normal snacks and had to get creative. I started to pull whatever I had from my shelves. The rule is: when we run out, we run out. I don’t like making extra trips for snacks. (I will however make trips for fruit and veggies!)Miss 3 helped me create this yummy dish and had a blast mixing and pouring. I really enjoy when the kids want to be part of the food experience!...more

Special Saucy Pepper Steak.

Try slicing it and stir-frying with colorful veggies and you’ll get thumbs-ups all around. Even better, it's low-fat! Every bite of this saucy pepper steak is filled with sweet and spicy flavors all at the same time. You can alternate chicken for beef if you want to keep the load light on the intestines. It compliments well with rice, noodles, Garlic bread or simply bread loaf.Servings: 5Cooking time: 6 hours...more

Overnight Orange Cinnamon French Toast

Saturday morning breakfa...more

Lemon and raspberry cake

Raise your hand if you like cakes!Well, if you have your hand high up in the air right now, a visit to France is what you need. They take desserts very seriously. So you can imagine I'm having a blast in Paris. Especially when you know that having a dessert after both lunch and dinner are perfectly normal over here....more
Heh. I'll pick the cheese more often than not but I do like a good lemony dessert.more

Sticky Onion Crunch Wings

Sunday Dinner Cioppino with Alexander

Sunday dinners a Good Dinners Mrs Mellen Tradition in our family.  Today I made a Cioppino with the freshest fish on the market.  Living in New England we are fortunate to have fresh fish in every grocery store not to mention wonderful fish markets or my favorite in the nice weather buying right from the boats as they come into dock with their fresh catch. Sunday dinner is even more special with the addition of our grandson Alexander.  Only six months old, he can't eat my dinner yet but we exposed him to our family tradition early. ...more

Bacon and Egg Strata