Rhubarb Apple Crisp

How many of you have ever tried rhubarb? It's a fairly new vegetable to me. Nick's mom gave us two rhubarb plants for our garden this year and a co-worker brought a bunch of rhubarb into work to give away. So you know what that means-- time to make something yummy!This recipe is super easy, takes few ingredients, and is absolutely delicious....more

FF - I heart Toll House Cookies

Many years ago, I figured out if I learned to bake, I could have freshly-made cookies any time the mood struck. Okay, in all honesty, I was way more interested in having unrestricted access to cookie dough, but regardless - the result was, I started honing my culinary skills pretty soon after I hit double digits....more

Bread Masala Chaat

Bread Masala Chaat is quick, delicious and chatpata recipe prepared using bread and few different spices. If you are chaat lover then you must try this out and do not forget to garnish this with coriander leaves, onion and  sev, this is the one that gives the additional taste :) I have used Aloo bhujia from haldirams , its my favorite....more

Armenian Harisa Recipe

Porridge…No, not like that: ew, porridge… All of us remembered very well from childhood a dreadful picture – clouds of semolina porridge, brown mountains of buckwheat or milk rivers of rice. And flood of tears while sitting next to the full plate, all these endless spoons “for mummy, for daddy”, and grief about uneaten and long-awaited chips. But times changes all things....more

Slow Cooker Cheesy Chicken Nachos

I love me some chicken nachos. While I was in college there was a little Mexican joint close to campus that served up the best gooey, cheesy, chicken nachos....more

Smoky Sweet Blueberry BBQ Sauce

Remember that super delicious Easy Blueberry Jam recipe I shared a few weeks ago?...more

Iranian albalu polo (sour cherry rice)

I believe I have a rice curse. A Persian rice curse to be exact. My Iranian aunt has shown me a thousand times how to make it, but I never seem to be able to make it correctly :-(...more

Homemade Ketchup in 5 Minutes

On a busy weeknight when I have a serious hankering for some French fries but don't want to do much cooking, this ketchup makes me very happy. ...more
Thank you for sharing this quick and easy  and healthy homemade recipe which I am definitely ...more

Thai Red Curry Bowl

When June Gloom is gracing San Diego, it is my instinct to get cozy. Summer-cozy, if that’s a thing. And when I’m feeling this way, I make something warm, spicy, and filled with vegetables. Something like a Thai Red Curry Bowl. I love the flavors of red curry....more