Twelve Gifts of Christmas - Reflecting

Make one gift of Christmas your New Year's resolution for 2015Twelve Gifts of Christmas - Reflecting Reviews and interviews at Book Readers ...more

Little Pockets Of Surprises With Fruity-Stuffed Chicken Breast Fillet

This is a totally new dish in the sense that I’ve never cooked nor eaten it before. Strangely, it’s a dish that isn’t very popular in Singapore, at least as far as I know of....more

Weaving silver

Isn't this an amazingly intricate piece of art, reminiscent of a medieval tapestry woven in silver thread? Nature generates infinite variations on this floral weave with the effortless skill that is the mark of greatness, only it doesn't do it for posterity, just for one capricious season....more

Tips for a Stress-free Christmas Dinner

It's the most wonderful time of the year—yet many of us have a sense of impending dread at the thought of having to cook a fabulous Christmas dinner. The options are endless and dizzying. Somewhere along the way, the concept of a tasty home cooked meal shared with the people you love gets lost, replaced by panic and overcomplication. If this all sounds familiar, then maybe my tips for a stress-free Christmas dinner can help get you back on track. ...more
great tips and did you know that most slow cookers now have the take out pots so I use those for ...more

Day 12 - Twelve Gifts of Christmas

Gift 12 - Give the reason for your hopeTwelve Gifts of Christmas - Day 12 Reviews and interviews at Book Readers ...more

Maple-Brown Sugar Glazed Spiral Ham

My Parent's Kitchen!...more

The Original Panna Cotta With Pomegranate & White Wine Syrup

Panna Cotta, which means ‘cooked cream’, originates from Italy and is a lighter, more jelly-like and less sweeter version of its denser cousin – the mousse. The most authentic form of Panna Cotta is the original vanilla flavour, cooked simply with cream, milk, sugar and vanilla seeds....more

Paying Santa

I realized a little too late I should have done this piece much earlier in the Christmas season, but hopefully, not too late to be useful.  When my son was a babe, I was a single parent on welfare.  By the time he was a toddler I had a very good paying job, while I could provide more than the average single parent, I couldn’t provide as much as a two parent household....more