Collecting Detail

Weekly Writing Challenge: Collecting Detail A Daily Post Challenge...more

Baking Fails Part II: Spritz--It's all about the Buttah!

My brother called me the other day to tell me about another baking fail to add to the family lore. Actually, I called him to tell him about my Ostakaka blog post but it sounds better if he called me.  Anyhoo, as we laughed over past Ostakaka disasters, he confessed to his latest fail....more

How to Make a Standing Rib Roast

I always make too much food, but when preparing a standing rib roast, it's almost inevitable! The smallest I've seen is two ribs (about 3-4lbs), but you really need to roast this with the bone to get the most flavor. I really like this rub on beef and I tend to use red wine in the bottom of my pan to give it even more flavor. When basting, allow the rub to form a crust before basting it with a liquid. By doing so beforehand, you will just wash off the rub prior to it being infused into the meat. ...more

Coquito: Holiday Egg Nog in the Caribbean Tradition

My memories of childhood holidays involve bachata music, the smell of coconuts, and coquito -- Caribbean egg nog. ...more

Stop DIY Guilt!

Here we are: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Or is it the Most Complicated Time of the Year? Most hectic? Most filled-with-impossibly-high-expectations? All of the above? This year, our family decided to focus on simplicity. There’s a lot we’re not doing this year. And part of me wants to feel guilty about that. As we’ve worked to scale back, I’ve realized that simple is relative....more

Sticky maple gingerbread cake

I think you are going to love this cake....more

Memories of Christmas's Past

Daily Prompt: Memories of Holidays Past by Krista on December 16, 2013What is your very favorite holiday? Recount the specific memory or memories that have made that holiday special to you.~~~~~~~~...more

9 Tips for Holiday Entertaining

There's a certain coming of age that happens when you host your very first holiday, at your home, with your cooking. I began hosting Thanksgiving years ago when I lived in Cleveland, in my awesome Little Italy apartment. My guests were my then boyfriend's family, and it stayed that way until our coupledom expired. It was then that I really felt like an adult. Sure, I bitched about the work involved, but in reality, I loved it....more