Healthy Thanksgiving Sides

Hurry up! Hurry up! One of the greatest days of the year is tomorrow (just in case you somehow didn't know)! Thanksgiving used to be my all-time favorite holiday, and it's still pretty high on the list, but ever since I became a vegetarian it just isn't the same...but kind of in a good way. I mostly absolutely love this holiday because it is solely focused on food and family. If you're scrounging around for some last minute homemade recipes to bring along to the festivities, here are some great (healthier) ideas!...more

Thanksgiving Recipes

Happy Hump Day! Thanksgving is almost here :-)While I’m anxiously looking forward to all the yummy food I get to feast on, I’m even more excited to share the special day with family. In case you still haven't decided what to make tomorrow, check out some of my family's recipes that are sure to make your taste buds happy.Corn Pudding...more

Why Am I Stuck at Home Cooking a Turkey, People?!

Last year, I thought I was home free.  For the first time in nine years, I didn’t have to cook a darn turkey.  When I lived in California, I was far from family and kept having babies, so I was always stuck there over the holidays....more

Sweet& Spicy Pumpkin and Chicken Moroccan Stew

(Original recipe can be found at

Four Must-Have Thanksgiving Casseroles

I don't know about you, but one of the best parts of the Thanksgiving feast, is all of the wonderful casseroles on the side. Get the recipes HERE...more

Booze Baking: Mocha Rum Brownies


Read These Tips for Turkey Safety

Don't Wash Your Turkey. It Could Kill You! You know what's even a worse Thanksgiving fail than politics at the dinner table, salt in the pie instead of sugar, or being stuck in #Snovember? Salmonella. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 1 in 6 Americans get food poisoning each year. That's 48 million people. 128,000 hospital visits. 3,000 deaths. Whoa. ...more
Good advice! And, yes, I'm definitely guilty of leaving things out because I want people to feel ...more

Strawberry Reduction

Would you like to talk about more red sauces? Nothing seasonal and helpful like cranberry, of course. I was thinking strawberry reduction. It also helps me put off ice cream one more day. ...more

NaBloPoMo day 24: eat. drink. give thanks.

omg. i so did not intend to be that girl. but hell. i came home last night to an utter disaster of a house after being gone for a mere 36 hours. “working at home” for part of today actually ended up in more real working than intended. and well, damn. i’ll just admit it: i am now in full-on holiday mode. there is so much to do, y’ bear with me, while i use these next few posts to share some in-progress and maybe-once-in-a-while finished holiday thoughts and projects that i’m just doing anyway....more