Probiotics and Crohn's Disease

Research is underway to determine how the bacteria profiles of our digestive tracts is related to Crohn’s and colitis patients. This bacteria makeup of the gut shows patients have a few things going against them:...more

Giving the best gift ever!

Gifts, we have all the different occasions to celebrate and buy gifts for people we care. All the more, it gets more challenging as we celebrate birthdays after birthdays, travel souvenirs, holiday festivities and what not.So how to give the most perfect present for your loved ones?...more

Mint Chocolate Ricotta Mousse

Recently, I got to go to the grocery store on my own! I found myself wondering the aisles, looking around and taking my time. ... checking labels and ingredients. It was amazing, but slightly dangerous. With three rambunctious kids, I usually run through the store with my list and don't stray at all. It's a race to get in and out as fast as can be. This trip, I was making unneeded purchases. Oops. ...more

How to Stop the Double Dip!

Oh the dreaded “double dip”!  We have all seen it happen. You are at a party and someone takes a half-eaten chip or vegetable and dunks it back into a bowl of dip that is being shared with a group.  Some people are oblivious to the fact that they are doing it while others are aware but try to covertly cover up their actions. No body wants to be “that guy” but sometimes you can’t just resist- especially when the dip is good!...more

Labor Day Eats!

Ohh Labor Day, the unofficial end to summer. :( So sad that it is already here, it feels like we were just celebrating Memorial Day. It's not too late to whip up these awesome, healthy recipes, they're pretty quick and easy too!...more

It's my Birthday! I am now officially 30!

Godu (Sweet) Appos for Ganesh Chaturthi

If you wander in the streets of India's cities today, you will find preparations on to celebrate the major Hindu festival of Ganesh Chaturthi starting August 29. You will find thousands of idols of Lord Ganesha out on sale. Many devout Hindus will take  home the God we believe is the remover of obstacles and the provider of wisdom....more

What happens when you turn 30?

So I am turning 30 years old November 12! A part of me is really excited and a part of me is upset that I wont have the number 2 before the other digit. I'd like to believe that my tolerance has changed, also what I care for and who I want around me.When I was in my teens / early 20's I cared more about what people think. I am not saying I don't care at all, but I do care a lot less. I never left my house without eyeliner or my hair done just incase someone good looking saw me. I wanted to look my best in public....more
A lot has changed in the years just before and since turning 30 and I'm happy for all of it. I ...more