Fluffy & Colourful Chinese Steamed Cake (鸡蛋糕)

I’ve never succeeded in steaming huat kuehs (发糕) to make them blossom like flowers. They either refuse to rise generously or to split and open up obediently while being steamed....more

Candy Melt Confetti Heart

You'll never guess what I was doing when I thought this one up. Never! Ok, you might get an idea when you see what I used to make my candy melt shredded confetti......more

Ryan's Surprise Birthday Party

Happy Superbowl Sunday!A month or so ago, I decided that I must throw my husband a surprise 27th birthday party and last night I actually pulled it off! Luckily Ryan had a busy week with work so I was able to pre-make buffalo roll ups, a chocolate cake, and banana bread for the weekend. I hid beer and some take and bake pizzas in the garage because it was cold enough. I also hid some happy birthday signs, cups, plates etc....more

14 Days of Chocolate ... 1 Incredible Recipe a Day

Maybe you're looking for a romantic recipe for Valentine's Day. Or maybe you've already acknowledged that the one true love of your life is actually chocolate. Either choice is totally valid, and either way, the first two weeks of February is a fortnight filled with rich, chocolatey goodness. Image: John Watson via Flickr Creative Commons License ...more
You can never go wrong with chocolate. :)more

Memories of the Tagoloan town fiesta

I may be far from Tagoloan town, Misamis Oriental in northern Mindanao, Philippines but I always remember February 1 and 2 of every year....more

Low Carb Super Bowl Eats: The Sweet Stuff

Folks, it’s here–Super Bowl is upon us! My hubby has talked about nothing else all day & has asked me a million questions about his party menu. The man is obsessed (& oh so cute)!...more

5 Deliciously Low-Carb Super Bowl Snacks

Have you finished planning your game day menu? I usually have menus planned well in advance, but I've not decided what our Super Bowl spread will look like this year. If you're still undecided, like me, I dedicate this series of game day posts to you! ...more


One of the best things about these kinds of gatherings is the food obviously. My favorite game day food are wings and dips. Dips are so versatile and dangerously addicting, which is why I like to use clean ingredients if I’m making them at home. If I know I’ll be eating a lot of it, might as well make it healthy. And the same goes for chips. [Read more]...more

The best muffins ever!

No kidding!These are the best muffins on this planet.Filled with apples,oozing caramel and topped with buttery crumble :)...more

Low Carb Super Bowl Eats: Entrees

We’re officially 3 days away from the Super Bowl! While my hubby’s busy with his last minute preparations (checking couch cushion softness & polishing the television screen), I am still narrowing down Sunday’s menu....more