#Easter weekend, the drink : "Nero D'Avola" #wine

For our Easter Sunday drink we've chosen a Nero D'Avola/Syrah wine, with 14% Alcohol content. This dry Sicilian red offers aromas of ripe fruit and spice on the nose whilst on the palate you'll sense a medium body, with soft and thick tannins. Simply bold and delicious....more

Hot Cross Buns

     Although these buns are eaten on Good Friday and as the name suggests marked with a cross, the sweet-spicy buns are an all season favorite. With Easter fast approaching, I thought of sharing one of my recipes (tried, tested and still evolving) with a few tips from my baking adventures....more

#Easter weekend part two : "Casatiello"

Easter weekend at home, especially in Naples, Southern Italy, it wouldn't be complete without a slice of Casatiello.This typical Easter bread is prepared using a soft bread dough made with all-purpose flour, fresh yeast, water, and salt. The traditional recipe will use a mix of ham, salami, pecorino cheese, lard, and black pepper, with eggs placed onto the crust. ...more

Colorado Lamb Burger at Public School 818 | The Burger Crawl - Ep. 17

Public School is a multi-restaurant chain with an educational theme.  I like to call it the place where teachers can go, and be rowdy like their students when they get off work.  I had the pleasure of attending their media preview, and then coming in to check out the lamb burger, it is truly a great happy hour place, and the food is spectacular. ...more

#Easter weekend part one. #Aperitivo : #Pizza Rustica and Beer

We are going to start this Easter weekend with an Aperitivo, and why not another traditional baked delight of the Easter Season: a slice of Pizza Rustica.This savory dish is made using shortbread pie crust ( in Italian Pasta Frolla) filled with beaten organic eggs flavoured with salt and pepper, a selection of cold cuts, such as salami, ham and spicy dry sausage and a mix of cheeses like pecorino and parmesan. The pie once filled is baked to perfection until golden brown, resulting in a dish that is unbelievably good! ...more

Leftover Peeps? Make S'mores!

S'mores are a classic treat that has all the best dessert flavors. With Easter around the corner, we decided to put a fun twist on a classic dessert using Peeps instead of traditional marshmallows. RECIPE: Peeps S'mores Yields 6 s'mores Ingredients 12 Graham crackers 6 Hershey's milk chocolate squares 6 Marshmallow Peeps Directions...more
Thank you!  My mom keeps buying my kids peeps for Easter, even though my girls don't like them. ...more

Passover Tears, a New Ritual

Like Johnson & Johnson's Baby Shampoo, Lipton's Onion Soup Mix produced no tears....more
DoTryThisAtHome Thanks for the well wishes. Thats so interesting that you use this  Haggadah ...more

7 Quick Passover Recipes

Stuck for a last-minute idea for Passover seder, or looking for new Passover-friendly ideas to get meals on the table quickly this week? As usual, food bloggers to the rescue! These seven ideas are all Passover-friendly (of course) and super-quick—and they're all amazing-looking, too. 1. Haroset Bites ...more
DoTryThisAtHome - let me know if the links are still not working for you! The post got spazzed ...more

Paw Patrol Birthday Party

Last weekend, we hosted a joint birthday party for Arielle and Zavier, where Arielle wanted a Sofia the First birthday and big boy Zavier wanted a Paw Patrol birthday party. I was able to pull off both themes in one party by setting up separate sweet tables with decorations and custom labels. You can check out how Arielle's Sofia the First sweet table turned out here....more

Ricotta and radish mini bagels

It has officially been one whole year since I launched this blog.  Happy birthday, Ricotta & Radishes!...more