Lighter Deviled Eggs Two Ways: Thai Red Curry and Wasabi

Easter is by far one of my favourite holidays, and not just because of the egg decorating! It’s a time of new life, awakening and newness–just the line of thinking we need after the awful, awful winter we just had. Long before the Easter bunny came hopping along, eggs were given as gifts on Easter Sunday to commemorate rebirth and the end of Lent. What a treat that must’ve been after the forty egg-free days leading up to Easter! ...more
Yummie_Nation yo heather & Craig Hoppy Easter! thnx for overtime #womanbehindthecurtain ...more

An Easter Memory

I once had a job as a substitute classroom assistant.  It was a weird job.The Job Description:Answer your phone at 4:45 am on the random day(s) of the week that the school scretary decides that your help is needed.Fill-in for a "real" classroom assistant who needs a day of for medical, personal, or OTHER reasons (see below).Show up on time and assist the teacher with whatever needs assisting.Pay:...more
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Another year has come and gone.  I am one year older. I have run the gambit on birthdays. From the child’s excitement of being a year older, to the teens waiting for 18 so I could be grown. Then waiting for 21. Remember? At 21, everything was going to be all right because I could do what I want. Growing up is overrated. ...more

Green lasagna with asparagus and sweet peas

Green lasagna with asparagus, sweet peas and ham + a creamy homemade Bechamel sauce. Perfect for a Spring Sunday lunch. Enjoy!!


Earth Day is right around the corner! There is no better way to celebrate than with this Casa Noble Jalapeño and Guava Martini we created using fresh organic ingredients, here’s to you Mother Nature!...more

Easter Basket Cake

Idea submitted by Sue of Bishop, GA You will need:...more

I Decorated Easter Eggs With My Little Sweetheart And THIS Is What Happened!

Four more days until that fluffy man-bunny makes his way to our door. He will come bearing candies, trinkets and colored eggs. **Click image to read full article**...more

Turning 50 & Ageing Disgracefully as Best I Can

Wishing all you 50-somethings a:...more

Thoughtfulness Thursday: E's Second Birthday Party

I'm not sure if you know this about me, but I'm a crazy party planner. As we enter April, I have already planned E's 3rd (yes, THIRD) birthday. As that thought process is about to come to fruition (with his party next week), we can reflect on his second birthday (which was posted on Hostess with the Mostess on July 1...BTW that's a big deal and I might have screamed when I heard!)....more

Will the Holiday Meal Knock You Off-Course?

Heading to an Easter banquet table (or two) this weekend? We’re going to an all-you-can-eat Easter buffet for lunch on Sunday; it will be my first feasting occasion since recently committing to a healthy eating lifestyle (with the ultimate goal of decreasing my cholesterol) and I’m pretty sure that eggs benedict and fried chicken don’t fit in that plan.  I know a lot of people will say that it’s okay to throw goals out the window for one day, but for me, I truly want to eat healthy that day, not out of sacrifice, but simply out of choosing to “eat to live.”...more