How to Turn Classic Egg Salad Into Something Fancy

Creative cooks can update classic recipes with the perfect touch to make them feel like a brand-new idea, and that's just what my friend Lydia has done with this recipe for Smoky Egg Salad Lettuce Boats with Caramelized Onions from The Perfect Pantry. ...more

Quick Banana Appe/Paniyaram

Quick Banana Appe/Paniyaram is instant and easy to make sweet recipe prepared using wheat flour, ripe banana. This appe is very soft and delicious and can be served as evening snack with ghee.You just need paniyaram pan / appe kayli to do this recipe. If you do not have this feel free to make pancakes with the same batter. Its also called kele goda appo in konkani....more

Grilled Summer Corn with Lime Butter & Cheese

Corn equals summer. It is certainly nostalgic for me. But when I was younger I usually ate corn that was boiled in a bath of salty water and then rubbed with warm butter and salt. These days I prefer my kernels grilled or charred for that extra depth…either on the grill on toasted over the stove top.This recipe is festive and adds spark for summer entertaining!...more

Veg Sizzler With Mushroom and Cheese

Veg Sizzler With Mushroom and Cheese is delicious, flavorful, complete meal and my family’s favorite. A plate with full of veggies, rice, patties, sauce and fries....more

Light and Healthy Spiced Eggplant Chips

There is a whole world out there when it comes to homemade veggie chips! So many flavor combinations and varieties. Sometimes I whip out my dehydrator, but often I just pick my vegetable, decide on the rub I want to dress with and throw them in the oven on a low temperature - it works pretty much the same way without the expensive equipment.I had a few eggplants in my refrigerator that I didn’t want to let go to waste... and then they were chips....more
MomNod Thanks! Eggplants make great chips because they take on other flavors so well. Can't wait ...more

Canning Chickpeas

Canning  chickpeas yourself yields a superior product and opens the door to creating unique flavors not found in common grocery store cans of chickpeas. ...more

Cauliflower Chilli - Spicy Finger Food

Cauliflower Chilli also known as Gobi Chilli is popular and spicy appetizer/finger food available in most Indian restaurants. I remember my childhood where this was the first item from the menu that we ordered along with tomato soup every time we visited restaurants....more

Why I Became First a Vegetarian and Then a Vegan

When we came up with #DefiningMoments as one of our overarching themes for #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us, of course we staff members started thinking about, sharing, and asking one another about our own personal #DefiningMoments....more
You completely described my food journey! I quit dairy last year (it kept messing with my ...more