Mascarpone Spinach Pasta

I'm guessing quite a few people starting thinking about comfort food when April 15 comes every year, and for everyone who can use a little culinary diversion on Tax Day Eve, I'm recommending this delicious-sounding and comforting Mascarpone Spinach Pasta from Macheesmo for this week's Meatless Monday pick. ...more

Summer Rolls, Spring Rolls & See through burritos

Summer rolls vs spring rolls - TYPICALLY Summer rolls are fresh & spring rolls are fried.HOWEVER, just google spring roll, you will find hundreds of these "unfried spring rolls" called Vietnamese spring rolls aka summer rolls.My youngest son calls these - "see through burritos".My oldest son refers to them as something way to XXX-rated for this blog......more

Sweet Plantains with Cinnamon Sugar

Growing up in Trinidad and Tobago there were always a lot of plantains, we ate them mostly boiled and fried, I remember spending time at my Aunt’s house in Freeport Trinidad, and waking up early in the morning to the smell of sweet plantains being fried and served with coconut bake and salt fish....more

Pastry Puffs

  These vegetable, 'cheese' patry puffs are the perfect dish to serve at a party!  They're so full of flavor. Once you taste these you'll be making them all the time!! Get the recipe here ...more

Meatless Monday: One-Pot Wonder Tomato Basil Pasta

This recipe for One-Pot Wonder Tomato Basil Pasta from my friend Donna at Apron Strings has been shared and pinned over and over since Donna posted it, so I probably should apologize for being so slow to feature it here. But now that you know about it, don't miss the chance to make this couldn't-be-easier meatless pasta dish for a Meatless Monday dinner. ...more
natalied6579 So glad you enjoyed it, and I always love hearing how people adapt the recipes.more

My New Lifestyle

I was diagnosed with RA (rheumatoid arthritis) July 2013. The 2 years prior to being diagnosed was complete hell. I was on mega doses of prednisone for those 2 years because nobody knew what was going on. All my inflammation transpired and came out full force in my eye. My joints never hurt or bothered me....more