Mmm, Rice Pudding

The hardest part of giving up dairy has been the desserts.  I'm a big dessert person anyway, and the idea that I can't eat most of the ones I haven't made myself has just pushed things into overdrive.  Now I must have all the sweet things I can eat-- the milkier seeming, the better.  So of course I have been craving pudding.  I decided to make non-dairy rice pudding and it was so yummy!...more

Curried Couscous with Roasted Red Peppers and Peas

When I see a recipe with the word curried  in the title, it always gets my attention. I'm also a huge fan of whole-wheat couscous, so the minute I saw this recipe for Curried Couscous with Roasted Red Peppers and Peas from Healthy Seasonal Recipes, I asked Katie if I could feature it here. Don't you think all those flavors sound perfect together? You might be thinking this is a side dish, but surprise, there are cubes of organic baked tofu nestled in the couscous along with the other ingredients....more

Easy Mediterranean Pizzas

These individual Mediterranean Pizzas were so easy to make, I'm surprised I'd never thought to try them before - especially considering how much Flintstone loves hummus! In addition to being fun finger food, these are vegan (or plant based if that's how you roll), delicious, and pretty darn good for you....more

Vegan Roasted Beet Pizza

I've mentioned here before about how The Man is VERY serious about his pizza. He gets all twitchy when I talk about experimenting with his pizza night! But since the Butternut Squash Pizza I did a couple of weeks ago was such a big hit, I decided to take my chances and experiment again this week....more

Vegan Pumpkin Oat Balls

This is my kind of recipe! There's nothing better than healthy vegan treats. Yum! I also love ...more

Is green juice really good (or really bad) for you?

SourceGreen juice: it’s the new low-fat diet. It’s the new South Beach. It’s the latest in the constantly fluctuating world of health crazes, and if it works for you, great....more

A Dessert to Bump Up Your Health: Carrot Cake Chia Pudding

When soaked, chia seeds have the texture of tapioca. Chia seeds have a neutral taste, so they blend easily into any recipe, savoury or sweet. A great feature about their "blandness" is the chia seed's ability to be added to any recipe to bump up the nutrition, without changing the taste.  Health Benefits of Chia Seeds  ...more
Great idea! I like to sneak it in anywhere I can.more

Milking You for Ideas

The doctor thinks that Veronica might have a milk protein sensitivity (we're so trendy!), so I am cutting dairy out of my diet for the next few weeks to see if it helps normalize her tummy.  It's been almost a week and it's been okay so far, but I am a girl who loves her dairy, so I'd appreciate any suggestions, recipes, tips for allergy-friendly restaurant chains, or anything else that you can share with me.  I really hope it helps!...more