10 Healthy “Fast Food” Joints in NYC

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you have plans every night and don’t have time to cook?  That was me last week.  I really want to get back in the kitchen because I have a few good recipes that I want to post, but I haven’t had time to make them and take pictures!  And what fun is a recipe without pretty pictures?  In the meantime, I would still like to give my readers some healthy food options, so I’m telling you about my favorite healthy “fast food” options.  Yes, “fast food” can be healthy food, especially in NYC where the options seem endless!...more

InstaNatural Youth Express Eye Serum

Review: http://www.beautylifegeek.com/beauty/2014/12/8/instanatural-youth-express-eye-serum Blog: www.beautylifegeek.com...more

The Most Interesting Winter Veggie Soup

Like every slightly food-obsessed person, I have my own list of favorite ingredients that always make me give a recipe a second look. And when I saw this recipe for Winter Squash Soup with Tahini and Za'atar Chickpea Croutons from Dishing Up the Dirt, it caught my attention for a number of reasons. ...more
@CCbyMWilliams BlogHerFood That's what I thought too!more

Tortilla Española

The most beloved tapa of Spain. Tortilla Española displays eggs and potatoes in all their glory....more

Hausgemachte Pilzpfanne (Stir-Fried Pan of Mushroom)

Summer has come; is almost gone…...more


Today's NaBloPoMo prompt: What food always makes you feel happy while you're eating it?...more

Eating Vegan Daily. Experiment #3 Report

Experiment #3 was a fun one, I will admit....more

Vegan coconut chocolate chip oat cookies!

An ideal tasty food gift!Recipe: For about 12 larger cookiesIngredients:...more

Vegan spiced spelt pumpkin bread

Today, I made this stunning vegan pumpkin bread studded with yellow raisins, infused with an organic cinnamon, ginger & cardamom tea. Yummy, I assure you that! I made my bread not so sweet because I saw recipes on the internet that were stuffed with lots of sugar. I didn’t want that! :) So, I made this stunning & very appetizing pumpkin bread! This is great & tasty enjoyed with the same ginger, cinnamon & cardamom tea in your tea mug!  Check it out for yourself, my lovely ones! ;)...more