Light Curry Egg Salad with Greek Yogurt

When Meatless Monday comes right after a holiday where many people have an abundance of hard-boiled eggs, doesn't it make sense to feature some kind of Meatless recipe idea using hard-boiled eggs? I thought so, and when I spotted this Light Curry Egg Salad with Greek Yogurt on Cookin' Canuck, it sounded perfect for the day after Easter. Dara lightens up the egg salad with Greek yogurt instead of mayo, spices it up with curry powder and serves it on whole-grain crackers for a healthy meatless lunch or light dinner idea. ...more

Cinnamon Grain-Free Granola

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Why reluctant, for goodness sake?

My husband and I have been vegetarians for many years, way back when the revolutionary cookbook, Diet for a Small Planet,  first came into being. So it’s been a long time. We were both raised on the typical American Baby Boomer diet of canned everything, processed-to-nutritional-death quick foods, meat at all meals and Jello. The beginnings were interesting, to say the least, but after all the years we definitely have it down and raised our three kids that way. We didn’t eat animal flesh but included dairy and eggs....more

Eating To Fight Disease

I've been dancing around with becoming a vegetarian for years now.  I've known that there are many positive benefits to eating a primarily plant, nut and fruit diet, including anti-cancer benefits, for a while.  I just couldn't find a system that was easy and healthy that I liked....more

Buckwheat and Potato Fritters

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Starfruit, macadamia and gorgonzola salad

I’ve been meaning to post a salad recipe for the past week– with the recent heatwave, a fresh, crisp salad is the perfect afternoon snack or even entrée. I don’t know about you, but when it gets really hot out, I lose my appetite almost entirely. If anything, I just want to chow down on fresh fruit and drink smoothies....more

Try It Tuesday...

Try It Tuesday...  Berry Bliss Smoothie...more

A to Z Challenge: On Lent

#1639 - On Lent For Catholics, and a lot of other Christians, this is the time of year known as Lent.  It's a period of prayer and reflection in the 40 days prior to Easter....more