Brussels Sprouts Macaroni & Cheese

If you're looking for family-friendly ideas for Meatless Monday, I think homemade mac and cheese is something that's always going to be a hit, and this Brussels Sprout Mac & Cheese from Love and Olive Oil bumps up the nutrition by adding Brussels sprouts to the mix. Lindsay says it took endless experiments to come up with the perfect cheesy combination you see in the recipe, so leave out the Brussels sprouts if you they're a deal-breaker for your family, but please follow her recommendations on the cheese. ...more
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Homemade Pizza Night


Buffalo Quinoa Bites

Super Bowl chili (shhhh….it's vegan)

I got a message on Facebook last week from a relative. “Hey, we’re going to be in town for the Super Bowl, are you around that weekend?”Two questions: 1. The Super Bowl is in New York this year? 2. What weekend?To give you an analogy, this kind of question is like me writing to a friend in San Francisco to say “Hey, I’m showing up for the Point Reyes Blue Cheese Festival, are you around that weekend?”...more

Sweet and Spicy Swiss Chard Wraps

These Sweet and Spicy Swiss Chard Wraps are MacGyver’s signature dish. They are beautiful and delicious, can be made raw or cooked (both discussed below), are flexible and easily adapted to what you have on hand, and just happen to be vegan. This delicious vegan dinner idea is just about as nutritious as you can get and has a flavor both kids and adults love. Depending on what you choose to fill them with, cooking time is next to zero, though there is a lot of chopping and assembly time involved....more
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From the archives: Letting go of food judgement

This is from the achives of This is Thirty. Let me tell you a story. A story about a little girl we’ll call LJP. As a small child, LJP was active and happy. She had a loving family and despite regular moves, had a stable and secure childhood. LJP loved to read. As she got older and progressed through puberty, she found that she loved to read more then she loved to play outside....more

A Mandarin Orange Pecan Wild Rice and Farro Salad that taste and looks fantastic!

Who says healthy can't taste and look fantastic!  I knew that I had a winner with my Mandarin, Orange Pecan Wild Rice and Farro Salad the first time I served this for a birthday dinner for my son.  Everyone just raved about the salad and asked for the recipe.  This salad is easy and great to do ahead.  Love the sweetness of the mandarin oranges and crunch of the pecans. ...more
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Vegan Spaghetti Squash and Black Bean Mexican Bowl

This week everyone's talking about a Super-Big Bowl, but I'm thinking of a different kind of bowl, one where a variety of ingredients are served together as a flavorful one-dish meal.  I suspect this type of meal-in-a-bowl may have hit the culinary scene with Asian rice bowls. ...more
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