Perfect Mushroom Stroganoff

 I grew up eating, and loving, Hamburger Helper Stroganoff.  Both my desire for nutritious food and for ethically produced food have long since separated me from this childhood favorite.  Last week, I finally created a vegan mushroom stroganoff that completely fills that comfort food sized hole Hamburger Helper had left behind.  Bonus: it is totally good for you....more

8 Ways To Give Your Meals A Healthy, Delicious Makeover

Did you resolve to eat leaner and greener and healthier this year? When you’re imagining this new, healthier diet you’re probably imagining a lot of tough kale, under-seasoned brown rice, and un-creamy tea, right?But eating more plant-based food need not be an exercise in deprivation and dry carrot sticks. Really!...more

Chana Masala

I love to cook Indian food and the way the aroma fills the house. This dish is a high protein dish best served with a side of Basmati rice or a simple side salad if you want a lower carb option.

Want to Make Lighter Mac & Cheese? Go Green!

When I spotted this outstanding Light Mac & Cheese with Greens from Yankee Kitchen Ninja, it immediately got my attention. In the winter, I find myself buying greens almost every time I'm at the store, so I'm always looking for surprising, creative ways to use them. What better way than mixing them into a healthier version of everyone's favorite comfort food, macaroni and cheese? Julianne used collard greens in her recipe, but you could use kale or Swiss chard, too. ...more

Phulauri the ultimate vegetarian snack

This is my first recipe on #Blog Her". So this is very new to me and I had to check out other postings from bloggers how this all is working out....more

How to Make Chickpea Fries (Also Known as "Panisse")

Panisse is a crispy, gluten-free French dish from Provence made with chickpea flour. These chickpea fries are great as a snack, a side dish, or a light meal with some rice and curried or spiced vegetables....more
LauraSproull Thanks  :)more

Spiced Pumpkin Pancakes made with Whole Wheat

These spiced pumpkin pancakes are delicious and have the perfect fluffy pancake texture....more

Crockpot Vegetable Soup

With the cold weather this winter, I've been wanting some warm, comforting soup. I decided to make some homemade vegetable soup to keep me warm on those cold days. This soup is not only delicious but nutritious as well. The great thing about this soup is, you can put whatever you want in it...whatever you have around. It's a great way to use up those veggies! Here's what I put in mine:Ingredients:...more