BEST Broccoli Salad

Broccoli Salad is always a crowd pleaser.  This is one of our favorite ways to eat raw broccoli, even the kids love it.....more

How to Pick Perfect Cucumbers…

We've all seen those spa ads showing some lucky person relaxing with cucumbers on their eyes? Ever wonder: “Why cucumbers?”Well, here’s your answer…...more

Sweet and Spicy Asparagus

Photo Credits: Boho Rustic...more

My Cobb Salad with Egg and Dairy Free Ranch

I'm not the biggest fan of ranch, but sometimes I get a craving for it that just won't go away. Like my cravings for buffalo wings. Sheesh! Don't get me started on those. A ranch craving popped up about a week ago, and ever since I've been dairy and egg free, I have not for the life of me been able to find a decent ranch dressing! I also haven't been able to find a dairy free ranch seasoning, until last week....more

Savory Mushroom-Lentil Burgers

Summer means burgers, and I'm an equal opportunity burger eater. I do enjoy a good burger with meat once in a while, but the last few years I've been finding delicious ideas for meatless burgers of all types, and these Savory Mushroom-Lentil Burgers from Fat Free Vegan Kitchen sound like a Meatless Monday burger that would really make my taste buds happy. I always love some kind of sauce on my burgers, and Susan has that covered with chipotle mayonnaise; doesn't that sound perfect! ...more
Glad you like the idea.more

Whole Wheat, Handmade Filo/Phyllo Pastry

Photo credit: Nancy Anne Harbord...more

New Post Series: Brunch Menu of the Week!

Photo credit: Nancy Anne HarbordBrunch, brunch, brunch.My favourite meal of the day. Although, let’s be honest, ALL the meals of the day are pretty good....more

How To Cold-Smoke Your Own Halloumi Cheese

Photo credit: Nancy Anne HarbordNo, this isn’t a dream… I have smoked me some halloumi!...more