Parmesan Zucchini Croutons

A few days ago I was making a recipe using ...more

Quinoa Almond Herbed Bread Sticks

 Ingredients1 cup quinoa (cooked & cooled)¼ cup flaxseed meal¾ cup water1 cup almond flour1 tsp garlic (chopped)1 tsp Italian seasoning2 tsp mixed herbs½ tsp crushed pepper½ tsp salt1 ½ tsp baking powder½ tbsp. maple syrup½ tbsp. olive oil...more

Spiralize Them! - Making Fruits & Veggies Fun

My mom gave me the idea of featuring my favorite ways to use a spiralizer and I couldn't resist but take her up on it!  I love amping up my usual dishes with more vegetables and fruits in fun and creative ways and a spiralizer allows you to do just that!  If you're not familiar with a spiralizer, it is a device that allows you to make spiral cuts or vegetable and fruit noodles in minutes flat!...more


The classic popular dessert of carrot cake is given a raw interpretation for this delicious recipe. Healthy whole foods are mixed with cinnamon, ginger and turmeric to recreate all the flavors of carrot cake without the processed sugar and flour....more


Raw vegan version utilizes hearts of palm along with cherry tomatoes, mango, spinach and a burst of fresh lime. Serve it up in lettuce leaves or fresh, juicy jicama tortillas for your next taco night.

Pistachio Linguine

I recently bought myself a 3 pack of different nut oils – hazelnut, walnut, and pistachio oil. I’ve been using them to make salad dressings, and each oil gives each dressing a distinct delicious flavor....more

Garlic Pull Apart Bread

MsVegan.comA buttery, garlic, cheesy and magical appetizer that will have the plate empty before it even gets to the table!  Get the recipe here...more

Pineapple Poppy Raspberry Dip

Ingredients1 cup pineapple chunks1 cup raspberries1 tbsp. olive oil½ tbsp. poppy seeds1 tsp maple syrup½ tsp salt¼ tsp black salt½ tsp crushed black pepper...more