Team Suck - For the Win!

Last week one of my fantastic coworkers finagled a way for our team to go bowling together. She and I were incredibly excited to get the time away from work to do some team building - even though we both suck at bowling. We suck at bowling so much, that we happily dubbed our team, Team Suck....more

Disney Legacy 2.0!

So, you're probably wondering why I'm doing another version of Disney Legacy. Well, I would love to do my own version, so read the rules and play all you want. This is a sleeping beauty version of the challenge. Rules:- You must create three adults and one teenager. The teenager is called Aurora and the three adults (Aurora's fairy godmothers) can be named what you wish.- When Aurora becomes a young adult, you must move her godmothers out of the household....more

It's an expensive world after all

On our recent family vacation, we went to Idlewild Amusement Park.The park contains a soak zone, children's section and a storybook forest that hasn't changed since it opened in 1956. It is a park that I went to when I was little, and I was happy to take my son there so he could enjoy it as well. ...more

A day in Northampton, MA

I live in a sort of presumptuous pseudo-intellectual never-never land where all residents,  including the street people, have websites and either craft shows or books in progress. I plead guilty. I am as conformist as the others....more

I Just Want to Play a Game or Check Facebook Without Being Harassed

While I was fending off alpha tigers in a magical world, I was also fending off a fellow gamer who has no regard for his treatment of female players. ...more

Soda City Savvy

I am creating Soda City Savvy to celebrate Columbia, South Carolina and all the sensational events and the residents who make this city "famously hot"  ...more

Why I carry a large purse

We are at a restaurant. We have just placed our order and my son is not interested in the activities on the children's menu. There is only one solution: The cards in Mommy's purse. ...more

Juf Thera's 4 Minute Play Dough Recipe

Okay, you can’t eat it, but it’s a bit like baking. Plus its way cheaper than buying Play-Doh only to watch the little people gleefully squish the bright beautiful colours into a brown mass. ...more


Let's play a game! I will have a giveaway once I reach 100 followers! This means you have to share my posts/page with your friends and family! Once I get more followers, I will be able to write more fun things and play games and  have giveaways!START SHARING NOW!!! :) -Mom Who Schools...more