Family Reunion Right/Left Story

Assign each family member to bring a “white elephant” gift (wrapped or unwrapped) to your family reunion or party. Everyone sits in a circle. As you read the story, they pass (the gifts) left when you say left, and pass them right when you say right. When the story ends, everyone opens the gift they are LEFT with. I have capitalized the words RIGHT and LEFT in the story for easy identification.  Be sure and read with lots of expression and pauses- the children in your family will have fun anticipating RIGHT or LEFT....more

What's On Your Bookshelf?

I haven't been reading much lately, but I thought posting a picture of the books on my bookshelf would remind me of my goal. Reading all the books I own. I made a fairly good dent over the summer, but now that fall is fast approaching I want to make sure I stay on track. Do you have any of these books? Are they on your reading list?...more

Love Memoir's of a Geisha.

The book is way better than the movie, as is usually the case ...more

Exclusive Slideshow: Harper’s Bazaar Accessories Bazaar

Accessories have always played second fiddle to the clothes on Fashion Week runways, and with good reason: How could anyone be expected to actually see the model's earrings, short of whipping out a pair of binoculars? No more!...more

Dealing with the Annoying....

Everyone has a job.  It's how they make ends meet, maintain a standard of living and have a bit of fun.  But that doesn't mean that I have to like every single job out there.I particularly dislike any type of sales person.  This includes car salespeople, telemarketers and anyone else who deliberately inserts their presence into my daily life....more

Project Runway Recap: Avocado Goiters and One Sweet Peach

After Tim Gunn's epic outburst  last week, there was no way that this episode could possibly measure up. Really, what's the point in even watching the show anymore? Never before and never again in Project Runway history will there be a Tim-sponsored takedown of such monumental proportions. It's as if the reality-TV heavens parted, and a clip so juicy, and filled with such hot rage that not even JWOWW smacking Sammi in the face a few networks away, could dilute its unadulterated genius....more

I'm a singer, artist, writer, cook and knitter... what are you?

I enjoy doing lots of things, but my passions or hobbies are few and close to my heart....more

Hey Patty, thanks for the comment! I try to squeeze in a few thoughts here and there, I like it :)more

In Bitter Moments, Reaching for the Sweet

THERE was a bowl of Hershey miniatures in the waiting room in my husband’s divorce lawyer’s office, and a smaller bowl in the conference room next to the pens. I wondered if divorcing couples in London were offered Maltesers, and if bickering spouses in Sydney got that Kookaburra green apple licorice, and if Parisians who couldn’t make their marriages work were rewarded with dark chocolate and fig jam spread.Related    *      More Modern Love Columns...more

The $100 Question: What Makes Up the Most Amazing Ice Cream Sundae?

Welcome to The $100 Question, where fellow BlogHers are asking questions ... and every answer could be worth one hundred dollars! Let's meet today's host: Colleen from A Madison Mom ...more
I love brownie sundaes using mocha almond ice cream.more

Play Free MMORPG Games like Runescape

There has been an increased amount of free online MMORPGS games like runescape games released in the last several years especially when it comes to the PC market. It used to be hard and costly to get a role playing game that was worth playing. However, with the increased popularity of these types of video games you can get a wide variety to choose from ranging from paid or Free MMORPG....more

It's only Fair!!!

I am super excited about the fair this weekend....more

Here is a schedule come take a look,
see a flyer, a paper or find them on ...more