basketball frenzy so here is a video of my son playing with our newest bzz campaign. this is the nerf cyber hoops, it i a door basketball hoop that connects with apple products and has an app. this app allows you to play with a computer person takes video and has a cheering section. my son LOVES this game and therefore i love it too. I can't speak highly enough of it . i love that he plays with his siblings and he loves that he can play by himself if they dont want to play....more

Five Things.... {Old School Blogging}

So I'm sure I missed the link up for this by now, but I couldn't resist posting all the same. I won't be tagging anyone but feel welcomed to play along if you want!  ...more

Won’t You Come Cosplay with Me at GenCon?

An article in the New York Post that was recently written by Linda Stasi has the cosplay community in an uproar....more

Picky Kid's Toddler and Preschool iPad App Roundup 6

Looking for educational, fun, and not-too-annoying iPad games to play with your kids ages 2-4? Here are our (brutally) honest reviews of 10 (relatively) new iPad apps....more

How to Challenge Your Kids With Fun

I mentioned before, I don't take my kids anywhere without giving them a "challenge." A challenge can be as simple as writing a poem and as difficult as a "mini-triathlon." This may seem, at first glance, like more work for you, but I have found that forcing them to do a challenge not only gets them more excited for the trip, it keeps them occupied while I get ready. My challenges are always geared towards getting Punkgirl and Happyboy to cooperate, because for us, that's the biggest challenge in our everyday lives. Let me give you a few examples....more

Why I love Footbal

It’s almost football season.Fall is approaching and I can just smell the football in the air. Joy and hope fills my heart with the anticipation of the new season. This time we will get it right. This is our year. . The crisp air brings a feeling of excitement.  My emotions start to run the gamut.  Just at the thought of it, the thought of the all-important super bowl (and it is my team winning by a large margin)....more

Why You Shouldn't Play Candy Crush

You know those DirectTV commercials that feature causality at its best?  Well, I've decided to make my own version concerning the highly addictive online game, Candy Crush Saga.************************...more

Hot Summer Apps: Splashing into fun!

Let Kido'z be your kids' sunscreen this summer, and check out the many fun apps you can find that will have your kids splashing into fun!We're going to tell you about 6 cool apps that got great user reviews and we think will provide your kids with plenty of fun during the long hot summer days! But remember to set some Kido'z time limits because there's also much fun to be had playing and exploring outdoors!...more