Mother Of Evil - Free Interactive Adventure

I saw a really cool game or movie (or whatever you call it) on YouTube. It's really high quality and is both a movie and a game. You can find it at ...more

Fun quiz to see if you're MENSA material!

This is a fun quiz (if you enjoy quizzes!) to test your IQ. There's a chart at the end that tells you if you should apply for Mensa based on your score. (Take it with a grain of salt. Certainly, Mensa requires more than a 10-question quiz.)...more

Some Christmas Trivia

Here’s some fun and interesting facts about Christmas and decking the halls:It is believed that Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol in one month.Reindeer didn’t accompany a chubby Santa Claus until 1809, when introduced by Washington Irving....more

Let Me Know Your Preferences

Vote! ...more

December 8 - Gaming, GMing and a host of links

Lo, there do I see my dice. Lo, there do I see my character sheets and my pencils and my hex maps. Lo, there do I see the line of my people, back to the beginning. Lo, they do call to meThey bid me take my place among them in the halls of GROGNARD, Where the brave may live forever....more


My brother had a mini game fiesta today, so I filmed it~Enjoy our antics (aka us being normal)link: VIDIt's Shinjiro Atae's birthday~! So I made him a video....more

Not Just For Wizards: Quidditch World Cup Sweeps Into New York

Think quidditch is a game just for Harry Potter fans? Think again. Quidditch is definitely not for couch potatoes. Or the faint of heart. It may be based on a fictional activity but it combines speed, strength, endurance (along with a bit of mischief) and a caliber of athleticism that rivals any mainstream sport....more
Sorry to nit pick, but I think you mean... 'would have liked to have seen' :)more

Zumba Fitness: Initial Thoughts

I received the game Zumba Fitness for the Wii for my birthday, and today I gave it a go for the first time.I've been meaning to set the Wii up for the entire time I have lived in my current house and we moved in about 18 months ago! I've missed Mario Kart but obviously not enough to go to the effort of plugging the scart, power and sensor wires in! I don't know why I put it off, as it didn't even take an advert break during Grand Designs to set it all up....more
I love Zumba - I really like to take the classes but will admit I am saving up my money to buy ...more

Saturday 9 - Melancholy Man

It's Saturday 9 time! It's a fun little meme. I mean a girl's gotta have something up her sleeve to make it through a month of NaBloPoMo. (In other words, you can expect to see something like this on Saturday's for a few weeks. lol) This week's theme is inspired by the Melancholy Man album by the Moody Blues. ...more

Five on Friday - New Relationships

I have a little musical story for you with my Five on Friday. My friend Travis over at Trav's Thoughts does this fun meme. It's fun and easy to play. Head over there and see what it's all about. However, it is the Blog Blast for Peace today, so he may not be doing Five on Friday this week. It's still fun anyway. ...more