The New Nintendo 3DS Rocks!


Yesterday was a double-whammy of surprises

Blimey, if ever I was going to kill a fatted calf, it would have been yesterday. But luckily I didn't actually have a fatted calf, so the poor (albeit hypothetical,) bastard was saved. 'What the blazes are you going on about?' I hear you cry. ...more

Take THE NO SUGAR Challenge

TAKE THE NO SUGAR CHALLENGE What a perfect time to rid ourselves of the sugar addiction. Myself and Tiffany of The Gracious Pantry decided to challenge ourselves and invite everyone else to join in....more

I'm trying to love spin class...really.

Send the Men in the White Coats.  And tell them to bring their pint-sized butterfly nets....more

That seems to be the consensus: love or hate! (or love/never want to try it!) I feel like it ...more

Game Ideas for Your Irish Party

Whether celebrating St Patrick’s Day or considering your Irish roots at your next family reunion here are a couple of fun Irish game ideas. ...more

I am Barbie, hear me roar!

I am an American woman – not a baby boomer, not a Gen Xer -- I am of the Playskool generation. I learned long ago I am of the generation that began to play with mass produced, mass marketed toys designed to teach and encourage packaged imagination. I remember one of my top five toys as a child was my Playskool Schoolhouse. I always found it odd they chose to misspell "skool" in a series of learning toys.  It came with magnetic alphabet letters and a pop out metallic roof....more

Girl Gamers: a new option for tweens

Girls and video games: in the predominantly male world of game developers, the combination is still somewhat of a mystery. Most games for girls are super pink and girly, like Barbie and anything on this site, and while that may not be terrible in itself it doesn't contribute to growth as many games aimed at boys do....more

La Toya continues Michael’s commitment - to AIDS Project Los Angeles.

La Toya has been a LGBT supporter for so many years and now she is following up Michael’s commitment to APLA, AIDS Projects Los Angeles when she will compete to raise funds for Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice, starting this March 6th  on NBC....more

Please leave a comment and tell me what you
think of what the Jackson family is doing on ...more

Bicycles, Balance and Bees (Oh my!)--The DRAMATIC conclusion

Last year I had an *exciting* bike ride with a friend of mine.  I wrote about the first part, now here is the conclusion.As you have all deduced by now, the sound was emanating from this:...more

Bicycles, Balance and Bees (Oh my!)

Last spring, sometime after the wetsuit swim, but before the Danskin race, Patty and I decided to go on a nice 20 mile bike ride on a Saturday so we would be sure that our legs could handle the 11.5 miles we would do on race day....more