Second Life - Part Two

Second Life – Part Two...more

Second Life - Part One

Let’s talk a little about the virtual world that is Second Life: ...more

Challenging Myself with a DietBet

Okay guys, I’ve decided to put my money where my mouth is and try out this DietBet thing that I’ve been hearing so much about.Oh, you haven’t been hearing about it?In a nutshell, DietBet is an online game where you bet money that you will lose a certain amount of weight within a certain amount of time. There is DietBet 4 (losing 4% in 4 weeks) and DietBet 10 (losing 10% in 6 months), with lots of different Bets to choose from....more

Gamers Start Small & Grow

Gamers Start Small & GrowThere are people who are very dismissive of games and gamers.  ~Jane McGonigal...more

Toys That Are Built to Last and Entertain

When people come over to my house for the first time, they almost always comment on the ridiculous number of toys we have. Some of them wisecrack, “So, you’ve got what, 14 kids?...more

Essence of the Lady Nerd

This is the first blog post that started the collaborative project that is She's All Nerd. The lady nerds are, of course, a smaller subset of the female population as a whole, but it's an important one. It's one that gets overlooked by companies catering obsessively to their male market, one overlooked socially by the male counterpart, and one that gets overlooked sometimes by their fellow ladies. ...more

Guys and dolls (no, not the musical)

If I was to give my son a baby doll today, he would hand it back to me with a "no thank you, Mommy," and continue playing with a car or truck. I know this, because I've tried it. This just tells me that...more

Why I'm thankful my husband is a gamer

I married a gamer; and I am glad that I did.Playing video games is just one of my husband's many hobbies. It is one that we occasionally do together (before I was pregnant, we used to have Wii Wednesdays where I would do my best to defeat him at bowling and tennis). But playing video games is not something I engage in as often as he would probably like. (Sorry, honey.)...more

My Answers to the Pivot Questionnaire

 “Inside the Actors Studio” is a TV show where host James Lipton interviews famous actors about their careers. Each interview ends with the actor answering 10 questions, originally written by Bernard Pivot, known as the Pivot Questionnaire....more

3 Day Detox Grocery List

Here is the grocery list for the three day detox. It may seem like a long list of items, but many of them you probably already have stashed away in your cupboards. The fruits can be used fresh or frozen depending on what is in season in your area. I tried to use a similar recipe scheme so that ingredients could be bought in more of a bulk form to save more money....more