Simple Guide to Making a Learning Basket at Home

It amazes me how quickly children grow and develop. One day you celebrate a few mumbles that sound like the word mama and soon enough they are learning their alphabet.As a former teacher, I have been impatiently waiting to share some wonderful learning activities with my son that I used in my classroom. One activity I used frequently (especially when students were bored) was a Learning Basket....more

Good Football game( even though we lost...)

o we watched our hometown team at our neighbor’s house yesterday:in hindsight, I said we probably should have went straight home and they would have won. It was a nice time to kick back with friends and hurl **expletive deleted** at the screen in unison. The girls got a good healthy walk at halftime from Mom, so we walked and got exercise.They admitted to me that they wanted us to leave because they refused to eat their food until we got back. ...more

How To Fish For Underwear

I love that Spain is eco-friendly and that here, people tend to hang their laundry rather than stick it in the dryer.  However, here's the thing about hanging your laundry when you live in an apartment building, you will at some point or another, no matter how careful you are, drop your clothes. If your luck is as good as mine, it'll be your underwear or some other unmentionable, dropping two stories onto your neighbor's terrace, so that the first thing they see when they wake up are your pink lacy GAP panties.  GOOD MORNING!...more

Can we PLEASE play basketball?!

well somehow monday snuck up on us and again we have a full week. Sometimes i swear we skip the weekend and jump right to Monday, not real sure it how it happens but i swear it does. This weekend included 500 things i think just like every weekend does and we really try hard to find something fun to do as a family whether it being going somewhere or staying home and playing games.I usually look for free things to do but this weekend the kids weren't interested in going out all they wanted to do was play Nerf cyberhoops basketball....more

basketball frenzy so here is a video of my son playing with our newest bzz campaign. this is the nerf cyber hoops, it i a door basketball hoop that connects with apple products and has an app. this app allows you to play with a computer person takes video and has a cheering section. my son LOVES this game and therefore i love it too. I can't speak highly enough of it . i love that he plays with his siblings and he loves that he can play by himself if they dont want to play....more

Five Things.... {Old School Blogging}

So I'm sure I missed the link up for this by now, but I couldn't resist posting all the same. I won't be tagging anyone but feel welcomed to play along if you want!  ...more

Won’t You Come Cosplay with Me at GenCon?

An article in the New York Post that was recently written by Linda Stasi has the cosplay community in an uproar....more