Playstation 4 Giveaway in time for Christmas!

 Gaming For the Holiday GiveawayOrganized by Budget Earth Do you or someone in your house love to play video games? If so, you are likely already being begged for (or looking to get for yourself) a Playstation 4. This expensive, brand new video game system is already selling out in the United States, leaving people scrambling to find this popular system for Christmas. This sleek looking video game system is one of the most requested Christmas gifts, and it's easy to see why with its powerful dynamic gaming, graphics, integrated social capabilities, personalization features, and its brand new second screen feature. The Playstation 4 truly brings gaming to a brand new level....more

Never Have I Ever

On Facebook, there is a game that it seems everyone is playing. One person will post anywhere from 1-10 random facts about themselves. Then, if you like their post or comment on it, they will give you a number. Now, it is your turn to share that number of random facts about yourself. So far, it seems that most of my FB friends have participated in this game....more

Can You Find The Bad Candy?

Candy Bubble Land. Candy Planet. Candy Dash. Bad Candy. Wait a minute – Bad Candy? Where is the bad candy?...more


Well, it seems one excellent game makes my Jim actively go back and say… I want to watch today’s game. So off we go from undisclosed to the city. Go Eagles! ...more

Board Games for your Preschooler


Free Kid's Printable Clean-up "Game"

// ...more

Which Video Gaming Console has the Highest Resell Value?

Information from the RateSupermarket video game console infographic suggests that in the world of video game consoles, people who own the Sony PlayStation 3 have a higher resale cost ($199.99 CDN) than the comparable XBOX 360 by Microsoft ($99.99 CDN) and the Nintendo Wii ($89.99 CDN). This is telling for the popularity of the PlayStation 3 (PS3) as the next generation (PlayStation 4 – PS4) is scheduled for its mid-November 2013 release....more

The Iggles

…is how we in Eastern Pennsylvania call our football team, the Philadelphia Eagles. We came up early from the campground and oh my goodness what a game! It was as if someone kidnapped the existing team and placed a different one in its’ place. The last few weeks the team has not been scoring, really. The old coach is coaching Kansas City and is Undefeated. How bittersweet is that? Well, yesterday’s game helped take a little of that away… E-A-G-L-E-S!!!!!! ...more

Stuff We Love: Pictionary

The heat is on! Who doesn’t enjoy a friendly game of Pictionary?  When Adrel brought over his Pictionary game to one of our gatherings, it became the after meal ritual. Even though we are not playing for any prizes, we play to win for bragging rights....more

Conversation Starters Series: Grocery Store Giggles

Tell about the funniest thing that ever happened to you in a supermarket.Laughs are everywhere. Check out our other fun conversation starters at Conversation Starters....more