Sharing is Caring!

Sharing has been a staple of friendship for centuries! The reason being is that I think in general it gives people that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Let's be honest though, not all of us like to share absolutely everything we have with each other! So then how on earth do you get a toddler to share? Well, my son is now a sharing caring machine but it took a little time to teach him. For example, we were at the park as usual... kids running everywhere, my son ecstatic to have the company of other toddlers since his brothers are alot older than he is, and wood chips galore!...more

Green Your Halloween with National Costume Swap Day

I have fond memories of Halloween from when I was a kid. My crafty mom made a point of sewing costumes for me and my siblings, often creating a theme for all three of us. One year we were Princess Leia, Darth Vader and an Ewok. Another year my brother was Superman and I was Batgirl. Our little sis was a clown. Not exactly sure how that tied in to our super hero theme. Oh yeah, it was a costume my mom made years prior that both me and my brother had outgrown. I'm not giving you grief for reusing costumes, Mom. Really, I'm not. :) I actually love it! ...more

your article gave me an idea: i already have a pumpkin outfit for my baby this year, but i will ...more

The truth about Congenital Heart Defects, and what you can do to help find better treatments.

Congenital Heart Defects(CHDs) are defects in the structure of the heart and great vessels that are present at birth.  Many types of heart defects exist, most of which either obstruct blood flow in the heart or vessels near it, or cause blood to flow through the heart in an abnormal pattern, thus requiring medication or surgery.  ...more

How I Learned About Votes For Women From Walt Disney

I was feeling particularly silly today and was singing to myself on the way to the office.......a post was born!Life, Laughter and Paris you enjoy and would love to know if you were educated the same (or sane) way! ...more

Late to the party, loving the buttercream

Somehow, I always tend to be a little late to the party.  I watched Sex in the City in late night syndication, I set up my Facebook account a month ago, and last weekend I ate my first fancy bakery cupcake. ...more

Daily doodle: Hooray for the weekend!

 What's your favorite thing to do on the weekend? I love the fact I can sleep in--even if it is only staying in bed 30 minutes more. Taking a walk or going on a bike ride with my family tops the list too.Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Illustration: Chris Olson © 2010 ...more

In which I commence teaching English in Spain

Today was the first day of school! ...more

Really, I love cleaning poop!

           Sometimes, I find when you do something quite often it is easy to get discouraged and want to run out the nearest exit and scream “I quit!”....more

In which I sniff at the bus system

Spain is lovely.  So far, our experience has been full of sunshine and siestas and wine and tapas and all the things that Spain is generally known for.  Rainbows and butterflies.Except for one thing.*dun dun duuuuun*The bus system....more

Again, need a bug to fit into these jeans!

One stomach flu away from my perfect weight ... ...more