Making Watermelon Jam

In Sicily, summertime brings with it so many wonderful things. Hot weather, cool beaches, fresh gelato, vacation time and the biggest angurie (watermelons) you have ever seen. Now, those super huge melons are something we don’t often see anymore, as the smaller hybrids are what we usually see these days. Genetic modification with zucca (squash) plants, which makes a much smaller, more manageable sized and seedless melon has pretty much overtaken the market. And really, how many one to two person households can consume a 15 pound melon anyway?...more

New blog, new french food adventures

Well here goes nothing... I have been reading food blogs for a few months and I am finally taking the leap and creating my own blog.  We shall see how well this turns out... I am inspired to create a food blog based on the Tuesdays with Dorie food posts.  It's pretty exciting to check food blogs every Tuesday and see the various creations people make with the same recipe.  I always want to join in on the fun, but 1) I don't have the recipe book and 2) I didn't have a blog....more

I'm a Sucker for Good Advice, Hints and Tips

When I was a kid, we subscribed to the Charleston Evening Post during the week and the Charleston News & Courier on the weekends. The first thing I did when I carried the newspaper up the driveway was find Ann Landers or Dear Abby or Hints from Heloise. If it was the Sunday paper, I'd pull out the Parade insert and look for their advice column. I was (and still am) a sucker for good hints, time-saving tips, and advice for real-life situations that I know someday I'm going to find myself facing. ...more

Any column that's formatted like "advice" - "Dear X", "Ask the X" whatever... I'm hooked. Except ...more

24, a la Jack Bauer or Letterman's Top 10, take your pick!

Like when Kiefer went on a bender and got arrested, except I wasn't on a bender and didn't get arrested, but this here is my last 24 hours ...

I now pronounce you...broke. (the art of being a bridesmaid on a budget. also known as my life.)

As many of you know, 2009-2011 is wedding season for me.  In fact, I have three friends who have gotten engaged in the last month alone.  There is nothing better than seeing your friends happy and partaking in their special day, but it is no secret that weddings can be pricey, not just for the bride and groom…but for the guests and bridal party!  Since I am a full-time student with no legit income (pretty sure student loans and babysitting money do not count as actual income), I’ve had to strategically budget for each wedding that I attend or plan on attending.  Which br...more

Double Vision?

Lets play spot the difference (or lack there of) Below is a picture of the South Hall Lobby of the Los Angeles Convention Center....more

Scartini and Poo-pouri: Five Beauty/Fashion Products You CAN Live Without

Every now and then, you come across a life-changing beauty product. One that brightens your day just a little bit , and adds a gleam to your eye. "How did I live without this wondrous item?" you ask yourself.This is not one of those times.This is one of those times where I stare at my inbox in horror and wonder who the hell greenlights some of these things....more

A couple of years ago my office was right next to the bathroom (yuck, right?) Well, I bought a ...more

Points Of Interest

Tour guide vs. Tourist: The challenge of being a tour guide in London

“You’re too loud!” A man’s nylon-enshrouded arm waved for my attention, for everyone’s attention. He looked miserable.He sat among rows of over-prepared tourists, all wearing shoes so sensible they had no place in London. Some were shod with hiking boots. Others with bulbous white trainers, the sort resembling miniature cruise liners on each foot, which is, I suspect, their natural environment. But we were on an open-top tour bus in the centre of London, not the Alps or a 14-day cruise to the Bahamas, though a few wore the T-shirts.Somehow in a sea of immigration and unparalleled diversity, amid faces and accents of all hues and tones, these tourists still managed to concoct a look that said: We don’t belong here.Looking back at the still-waving man, I paused, microphone in hand, to assess the situation. He locked bespectacled eyes with mine and crumpled his face like he had a migraine that was entirely my doing. This one’s a problem, I thought – my first delinquent passenger as a new London tour guide....more


What do you do when your main motivation takes a break? Breaks away, steps out, pushes you out? A huge problem right now is that I'm living for someone else. The trend started with Becca, when I turned my life around because I couldn't stand the idea of hurting my baby. I couldn't be that person. Then Soph. For a small time, I believed it had really, finally, become about me. I cared about myself, I liked myself, I LOVED myself. I didn't want to be anyone else-I was enough. ...more