(VIDEO) The Smoking Bra: Funny Feminism

When my friend invited me to go with her to The Smoking Bra: Women and Comedy at the 92 Y Tribeca, I agreed to go without seeing what it was about. My friend usually finds interesting things to do, so I trusted that it would be worthy of my $12. Plus, it seemed better to go to something potentially funny after work than go home and cry over the futility of my “career” and then collapse with exhaustion. Right? ...more

(although I almost had a typo and wrote fat joke - so not cool!) is definitely a gender barrier ...more

Is Going Green really a hippy, dippy, trippy adventure?

My husband continues to share, without prompting or interest on my part, that people who go green are "hippy, dippy, and trippy."  Now,  I think he says this because he fears that one day I will stop shaving, showering, and choose to live in a tree as I continue on my own green venture.  But, perhaps he brings up a good point to ponder....more

Would You Buy Wine From a Vending Machine?

I've heard of wine in a box, but this is ridiculous. I was talking to my neighbor this morning at the bus stop. I said, "I am going to go home and write about the wine vending machines in Pennsylvania," and she freaked out. Apparently when she lived in Pennsylvania, the liquor laws were so confusing that she used to drive to Delaware to buy beer. I thought that sounded extreme, but when I asked my friend Lori, who lives in Philadelphia, what she thought of the wine vending machines, she said, "I buy my wine where I buy my gas: in New Jersey." ...more

I recently spent a month in PA (where I'm from), and as a self-professed wino, it was pretty ...more


Hello everyone. This is my first time blogging so I'm kind of nervous about it. I'm hoping this will help me more than what journaling has. I'll start with telling you a little about myself. I'm 25 years old and live in small town Kansas with my boyfriend of almost a year, 4 dogs, 2 horses, and I think 8 cats. I currently work at a co-op for a local town as an office manager and I sell Premier Jewelry. I am also working on my Masters through Grand Canyon University. My life sounds good so far, right? I wish I could be happy with that....more

What would you do with a million bucks?

What would you do with a million dollars?...more

I got an Air France seat sale email. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me that I will win a ...more

Almost A Domestic Goddess

Full time mama and nursing student, I have made a challenge to myself (and readers) to do some type of exercise each day and everything else in between :)...more


My embarassment is on the world wide web, which I blogged about here earlier. Go to CP if you've ever accidentally texted or called an ex. Or even if you haven't. Maybe you'll gain some insight on how to avoid it. Off to bed. In paranoia. Come say hello! http://www.chicpaupette.com. Find me on Twitter: @MeganMac...more

TwitChange: Who would you bid on?

TwitChange is a celebrity auction where the prizes are all Twitter-related. All the proceeds are going to support a home and school for special needs children in Haiti. You can choose to have your favorite celebrity re-tweet one of your message, mention your @-handle in a tweet, or follow you for 90 days....more

American Idol Wants ME