We're #1 (Plus 30) in Closing the Gender Gap! Go U.S.!

For the past four years, the World Economic Forum has studied the gender gap - that is, the amount of resources dedicated to boys and girls and women's opportunities to fully participate in society - in over 100 countries, then ranked them. (In 2009, the Index included data from 134 nations. At least 12 of 14 indicators used for the Index must be available in order for a country to be included.) The goal, according to the 2009 Global Gender Gap Report, is: ...more

Hi Suzanne - Thanks for including us in this.  Glad to see people discussing the topic ...more

Turn Your Book Club Into a Social Action Club with Kristof and WuDunn's Half the Sky

Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn's book, Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide, "lays out an agenda for the world's women and three major abuses: sex trafficking and forced prostitution; gender-based violence including honor killings and mass rape; maternal mortality, which needlessly claims one woman a minute."...more

Because Britt, it is something we as women need to address. It didn't get hits at my personal ...more

Recipe for a Happy, Lasting Marriage Does Not Include Cougars

1 Man, older and less educated than the woman 1 Woman, at least 5 years younger (be sure to check freshness date!) and smarter than the man 0 Couples of the same sex 0 Previous divorces 0 Cougars Place man and woman in same home. Stir. Voila! Enjoy your happy, lasting marriage! ...more

You might consider it blowing money on research, but someone got paid. In todays times people ...more

So Little, So Late . . .

   Long day, too tired to find the stats. I fit in there, somewhere.   Facts:  ...more

Personal Poverty Reduction: Breaking the Chains of Individual, Institutional, and Internalized Poverty

   I'm starting a not so private campaign. The many labors of the late welfare activist Johnnie Tillmon remind me that, more than thirty years later, I am not alone. I, too, am a woman of color; a povertized woman; a fat woman; a middle-aged woman; and I'm living on very low-income government subsidy.   ...more

Women and Self-Defense: how necessary? how to make time? for your daughter?

Statistics provided by RAINN state that: 1/4 women will be sexually assaulted during their college careers Over 1 million cases of Aggrevated Assault are reported each year Many of the girls I know have never been part of a self-defense program because:-Its expensive-Its time consuming-It seems corney-They think attacks cannot happen to them-They dont have a good school near them-Its not always funIm asking YOU: ...more

I've had this topic on my todo list for several months.  I really want to take martial ...more

Gardasil: Good Enough for Girls, But Not Boys?

Ever since the HPV prevention drug Gardasil hit the market in 2006, I've been very suspicious. The marketing campaign says that it is the "only vaccine for cervical cancer," but what Gardasil actually protects against are some strains of HPV, a sexually transmitted disease that may cause cervical cancer. This is very misleading, not to mention that it is possible to prevent HPV infections through safe sex practices. What also got my dander was how quickly it got pushed on the public. ...more

This is a subject that I am very concerned with as a parent of three little girls.  The ...more

11 years after Matthew Shepard was beaten to death, US finally passes Hate Crime Bill

How can it be 2009 and we still do not have equal human rights for all US Citizens? Today I met Judy Shepard, mother of Matthew Shepard.  I remember the day in October 1998 when Matthew was found, beaten nearly to death, tied like Christ to an x-bar fence out in Laramie, Wyoming.  My own sons were 6 and 4 and I was horrified that someone was so homophobic that they literally beat a good kid to death, simply because he was gay....more