Around the Dial: Friday Link Dynamite

Personal blog: Sour Duck Mickle at True Confessions of an Hourly Bookseller discusses how female expressions of desire are marginalized in "We Know Why You Watch Lost": ...more

You've just caused my stomach to exit south.

Sigh. The idea was noble, the logic perfect. I ...more

Nicked and plucked

Contributing Editor Priya Ramachandran also blogs at Words on Water[img_assist|fid=428|thumb=0|alt=summer|caption=Summer's here] Every time I shave, I inadvertently nick myself somewhere. The knees and the elbows are particularly vulnerable. Come to think of it, shaving is what I hate most about summers. I like my shorts and my tanks and I have a healthy disdain for Rules, but I still don't have Julia Roberts' bravado about body hair. ...more

Ah, hair removal...

I've had the added displeasure of removing it from my face, so there is ...more

Moms Rising and other empowerments

Uber-netroots hero Joan Blades has helped launch Moms Rising, a new organization determined to support truly family-friendly work policies. ...more

MomsRising looks to be a great resource. My only complaint: the content, especially the personal ...more

Around the Dial: Linklove Wednesday

Personal blog: Sour Duck "The Nut" at Welcome to the Nut House details the progress (or lack of) women have made in the professional race car driving world. In a post that begins with Richard Petty and ends in the feminization of professional race car driver Danica Patrick, she points to an article and comments: ...more

I blog about drag racing for Fast Machines, a motorsports site, and I wrote a more

Around the Dial: Memorial Day special edition

Personal blog: Sour Duck ...more

I can really relate to these writers, having grown up in Utah where sexism is rampant, even ...more

Around the Dial: Tripping the Link Fantastic

Personal blog: Sour Duck Tripping the link fantastic in this Friday surfing guide to feminist blogging. ...more

Vidlicious - all women videobloggers, all the time

Contributing Editor Koan Bremner also blogs at Multidimensional.Me When the written word just isn't enough - trust women to find a way to use new technology to get their message across - including feminist messages. Among the current featured videoblog posts at vidlicious, which describes itself as an "ever evolving collective of female videobloggers. A place to track all the videoblogs/podcasts produced by female videophiles of all ages, races, philosophies, and graces", Killer B describes her decision not to shave her legs and underarms: ...more

Around the Dial: "Best" American fiction, Equality Minister Ruth Kelly, and the topic of Hatred

Personal blog: Sour Duck This is the new, improved version of Around the Dial. (It's just like the old version of Around the Dial, but with pictures.) ...more

*strolls along and hit's mah head on the posting*

Geesh, sexist humour and gays as sinners ...more

"Ask Me" or "Don't Ask" - you decide - or do you?

Contributing Editor Koan Bremner also blogs at Multidimensional.Me Any story which touches on reproductive rights is guaranteed to generate strong emotions - and the new campaign by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) is no exception. The campaign, called "Ask Me", is a prescription-writing campaign for Plan B (or the morning-after pill, or emergency contraception). An excellent column at by Bernadine Healy examines some of the issues, and quotes Vivian Dickerson, former President of ACOG, who justifies the campaign because of the: ...more

... let me add a link to this post by Liz Henry at ...more

The BlogHim's are Jealous

Chantel Williams also blogs at Life and Times of Chantel I've been reading Neil Kramer's Citizen of the Month for a while now. I've always admired his honesty about his relationship with his wife Sophia and his views on women. His satirrical commentary often hit home in a way that might cause you to be mad but then laugh about it or think carefully and realize that yes we really should boycott Mother's Day and The Fashion Industry. ...more

Hey Neil,

I actually found this post by doing a search on "BlogHim" so there is one other ...more