Blogging for LGBT Families Day - June 1 2006

Contributing Editor Koan Bremner also blogs at Multidimensional.Me Here's another day of blog activism for those who appreciate such things - "Blogging for LGBT Families Day". As the organiser, Dana Rudolph of the blog "Mombian: Sustenance for Lesbian Mums" says, "Blogging for LGBT Families Day is a time for bloggers to write about LGBT family issues and collectively raise awareness of LGBT families, our diverse nature, and how current prejudices and laws negatively affect our lives and children." ...more

I've got it on my calendar. Looking forward to reading other people's posts, too. ...more

Journalism and gender variance - uneasy bedfellows?

Contributing Editor Koan Bremner also blogs at Multidimensional.Me In my opinion, a free press is an essential element of a free and just society. And yet, for all of the examples where journalists have uncovered wrong-doing and pursued those responsible (even to the highest reaches of government) there is at least one area where the fourth estate typically fails to cover itself in glory. ...more

We ran the Krystal Heskin murder story on five occasions (including an editorial) and curently ...more

Only "real" feminists need apply

Contributing Editor Koan Bremner also blogs at Multidimensional.Me If there's something more important than smashing the patriarchy, then it's obviously deriding another woman for making a conscious decision to stay at home to raise her children. As BlogHer Contributing Editor Erin Kotecki Vest discovered recently, when a "real" feminist decided to email her displeasure. ...more

I'm a SHF, too! Let me know if you want me to come over and help you kick some ass.

Koan, I ...more

Around the Dial: Link Shampoo

Plenty of link love in this edition of "Around the Dial". You know the drill: click, read, enjoy, and return back here for the next one. Rinse and repeat. Tiffany Brown at "Blogging takes work y'all. Finding material is work. Writing is work. Participating in the blogosphere is work." ...more

Hey, Caitlin! Democrat THIS!

Contributing Editor Mir also blogs at Woulda Coulda Shoulda and Ty's Toy Box. Caitlin Flanagan is just so misunderstood. She's just like you and me, y'all. Except, you know, a gazillion times more judgemental and just about the only self-proclaimed Democrat who does things like go on national television and declare that women were better off stuck in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant. ...more

Fantastic rebuttal. Likening herself to Erma Bombeck though - that really irked me. I've read ...more

Breaking down tech stereotypes one continent at a time!

Who is more likely to have a mobile, use the net, listen to radio and read papers: It's the girl kidding! ...more

'Almost eight in 10 felt news programmes were true all or most of the time.'
This is ...more

A Guy who gets it

...and I mean that literally. Today we had breakfast with new, but very ambitious blogger, Guy Kawasaki. Yes, you might know the name, and yes, while he's new to blogging he's just a tad well-known round these here Silicon Valley parts. Guy gets is evidenced by this post that he wrote subsequent to blogging about us. ...more

"I love the person not the gender": Winter Woods talks sex, gender, and semantics

Personal blog: Sour Duck. Winter Woods at Desperate Kingdoms dismantles gender, sexuality, and semantics in her post, "On loving genders… not people". ...more

Alyssa Milano hearts an open Internet

Who's the Boss star and WB icon Alyssa Milano has joined the Net Neutrality conversation. Check out her blog for some stirring words on the topic. ...more

I mean, why not?

Grace Davis

BlogHer Contributing Editor
Member, BlogHer 06 Advisory ...more

Has the blog wagon already left?

One of the high points of my workday is going around doing work related stuff, and then stumbling upon nuggets of wisdom in random places. Like today I was searching searching for a cool stock ticker to add my company's intranet, and God knows what trail I followed but I ended up on Barnako's blog. It didn't take long for my momentary pleasure to come crashing down. ...more

Thanks for your comments Lisa and Pam.

I agree, it's so much fun being here, it shouldn't ...more