"I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas"

Contributing Editor Elana Centor also blogs at FunnyBusiness This is cross-posted at FunnyBusiness ...more

Point taken. But I still think the sentence that you cite in your comment suggests that women, ...more

Today is Blog Against Heteronormativity Day

Reprinted from The Official Shrub.com Blog Today is "Blog Against Heteronormativity Day" (April 22). ...more

You're welcome, Nelle. Don't you love the ice cream badge? Very appealing!

I try and stay ...more

Hot off the Press: The Carnival of Feminists, Issue 13

Hot off the press comes Issue number 13 of The Carnival of Feminists. Compiled and edited by Terry of I See Invisible People, lucky number 13 offers a wide array of feminist thought from the heaving mass of chaos that is our beloved blogosphere. ...more

Ha, thanks Mary, glad you got a kick out of that!



Pointer: Today is "Blog to Raise Awareness About Sexual Violence" day

Today is "Blog to Raise Awareness About Sexual Violence" day. Le Lyons at Femivist, who initiated this blogging activism, has a post up with links to everyone who is participating, which is updated throughout today. ...more

Jehan Sadat Speaks in Walnut Creek on Women's Equality

Cross-posted from Sour Duck Madame Jehan Sadat spoke last night at the Dean Lesher Regional Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek, California. The social activist and professor addressed the sold-out auditorium on issues of poverty, ...more

Unfortunately, around here, Sadat's reputation is only marginally better than that of his ...more

When feminists betray their principles

Contributing Editor Koan Bremner also blogs at Multidimensional.Me I'm proud to call myself a feminist - prouder than I am of being a transsexual woman (since I made a conscious decision to be the former, while I had no say in the latter). But there are aspects of some feminisms (and some feminists) that disgust me - transphobia not the least. ...more

I was a feminist long before I was feminine. Feminism is NOT about being a woman. Men can be ...more

A Perilous Journey Through a Personal Blog

Contributing Editor: Chantel Williams also blogs at Life and Times of Chantel There is an aspect to personal blogging that makes it different than any other type of blog. In a personal blog you can find anything from the "Lost" recap one day to a deeply personal and heart-stopping missive to a lost love. Personal bloggers share with us their stories and their lessons in a unique way that our busy lives no longer permit. When was the last time you sat with someone and really listened to their story? ...more

I fully agree with Ms.Chantel Williams about the utility of personal blog.
In today 's world ...more

Power, Rape & Anger in NZ

Contributing Editor Jules also blogs at DragonGirl. A high-profile rape case in New Zealand has just come to conclusion with a Not Guilty verdict. I have been following it in the blogosphere since a lot of NZ bloggers mention it in posts, but didn't really piece the whole story together until I read a post by Maia at Capitalism Bad, Tree Pretty, who blogs about the crime, the trial, and the reaction after the verdict. ...more

Around the Dial: Hitchcock's "Rebecca", Language, and Dworkin

Cross-posted from Sour Duck What's happening in the feminist blogosphere? More selections from Around the Dial. Mickle at The True Confessions of an Hourly Bookseller rips on sexist language in "Grammar and Sexism: Why the Little Things Matter": "Using 'woman' as an adjective is stupid and rude." Ignore the misspelling of the post's title and click through to find out how she comes to this conclusion. ...more

How About a Day With MANY Mexicans?

Regardless of where you stand on the issue of undocumented workers in this country, I trust that every one of you believes there needs to be a productive solution in this manner. That is why this post is to ask for your participation on this immigration reform debate. ...more

in that I clicked over here from Race & Ethnicity. I didn't find it at all surprising or ...more