Rent for Sex Ads

Wash Post's free, sophomoric brother Express had an article about room for sex ads being posted on Craigslist. Here is an older Miami Herald story on the same subject. Think 'roommate with benefits'. The Herald piece also talked about how ads on Craiglist increasingly ask for room mates of a certain religion, race or sexual orientation. Jim Buckmaster of Craigslist defended his site's policies, saying it was a community policed site, and only a publisher of information, and that the same regulations that apply to newspapers or radio ads needn't apply to them. This debate is being framed in terms of free speech vs. equal housing opportunity. ...more

They should not be exempt from our laws. The laws are designed to prevent discrimination, ...more

BlogHer North?

While we want all our good BlogHer friends North of the border to join us in San Jose come July, I won't be the one to quash the proactive spirit of Kate (the Great) from Toronto. Having read a post of mine on Worker Bees about the dearth of women speakers at an upcoming Canadian conference, she's inspired to ask: Is it time for BlogHer North? ...more

Mewren told me about it last night: yes, I want to play!
Don't know just what I can ...more

Justice 4 Two Sisters

You may have already heard about the two African American women who were hired to dance at a party for the mostly white Duke University lacrosse team but who were allegedly raped and racially terrorized. Justice 4 Two Sisters was created by Song4Assata to keep as an information hub and activism vehicle. ...more

Feminist Blogging lands in UK newspaper "The Guardian"

Feminist blogging has been given some mainstream press attention in the United Kingdom. On March 31, The Guardian - one of the UK's liberal newspapers - ran a piece by Kira Cochrane titled, "The third wave - at a computer near you". The sub-title is intentionally provocative, in the time-honored journalist tradition: Feminist blogs are booming. But are they globalising emancipation - or just playthings for the rich and well educated? ...more

Announcement: Two Blog Activism Days

Two blog activism days are coming up - one to raise awareness about sexual violence, and another to do the same for heteronormativity. April 18: Blog to Raise Awareness About Sexual Violence A post at Feminivist opens by citing one of feminism's best-known mantras from Audre Lorde: "Your silence will not protect you." ...more

Wow, thank you so much for picking this up so quickly. I am truly honored to be linked to from ...more

Feminist Bloggers: UK Rape Campaign flawed, misguided

A Government campaign in the UK to raise awareness about rape—or, to use more clinical terminology, “consent awareness”—has caused a stir in the feminist blogosphere. The British Home Office web site declares it to be a “hard-hitting campaign” that “will make clear the consequences of not ensuring you have the other person’s consent before having sex.” The campaign is aimed at males. But does it challenge stereotypes and erroneous beliefs about men, women, and rape? Feminist bloggers say no, in an equally hard-hitting blog campaign… ...more

Koan, you're reading into that line things that never occurred to me in writing it. I regret ...more

It's a Dirty Job but Someone's Gotta Do It

In college I took a Women's Studies class. I figured that since I was a woman, the class would be an easy A. I ended up with a B minus. ...more

I find those bullet points at the end FASCINATING. What is it about that halfway mark that ...more

Around the Dial: Feminist Roulette Linkfest!

It's a Roulette Wheel for superb feminist blogging! No descriptions this time; just click and read - you can't go wrong… FrankenGirl - It's Hard Out Here for a Feminist NewBlackMan - 1231 Fulton Avenue Feminist Reprise - Germaine Greer on Equality Femivist - Rape Culture = Spam The Geeky Feminist - Now with less women sinister girl - dv as child abuse… ...more

You Can CAll Me A Manly Woman. Just Don't Call Me A Bitch

Just a few days after Harvey Mansfield announced during an interview with Naomi Wolf that men distain working for women, The NY Daily News published a preview of the book, The Girls Guide to Being a Boss (without being a bitch). It will be available in early April. ...more

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Around the Dial: "Hustle and Flow", Anorexia Perceptions, Happiness and Feminism

What's going on around the feminist blogosphere? Bloggers respond to mainstream and semi-mainstream media. Figure: Demystifying the Feminist Mystique sees the Hollywood movie Hustle and Flow, and another feminist blog post is born. She covers intersectionality, poverty, and hip-hop music. Here's but a sample: “The deeper point to this is two-fold really: one, the idea of being poor and black is generally genedered as male, marginalizing the poor, black women who suffer as well. There is a long history not just in the US, but the world over of racial or ethnic struggles suppressing women's rights movements - this happened in the civil rights era, when black feminists were urged to ignore the oppression of women within their own culture, or be called traitors to the larger movement. In short, people are forced to choose all the time to put one of their identities before the other. And this is not fair. Intersectionality means you don't have to choose - that all your identities make up your Identity, and you get to be all those things at once. To be yourself.” ...more

In the 19th century, there was a lot of resistance to women pushing for rights from those ...more