Pointer: The Carnival of Feminists No. 11

The Carnival of Feminists (No. 11) is up at Angry for a Reason. The host eases you into the issue: “Welcome to the 11th Carnival of Feminists. Glad you found us, so sit down, make yoursleves comfortable, grab your favourite beverage and get ready for some wonderful readings.” Related links: ...more

Six Degrees of Blogher aka The Business Girl and the Sanitary Pad

This post originally appeared on my blog on Wednesday,March 22, 2006 Some days you just feel like you've hit the jackpot. That's exactly how I feel because I found AD ACCESS ( a project at Duke University) which I found by way of Gingajoy where I landed by way of ZeldaFest which I visited because of Mocha Momma which I found on Blogher. It was this ad on Gingajoy's blog that caught my attention.   The Headline Reads "Don't Be a 'Fraid-Cat, Mother,There's No Danger."  It is an ad for Modess sanitary pads circa  the 1920s. Many of us who came of age in the 1960s have very definite memories of Modess and their every wedgy sanitary belt that used to be a real pain in the butt. ...more

"False advertising"

Those were the words that launched multiple blog entries, hundreds of comments, and an uproar in the women's blogosphere this week. It began with this entry at Morphing into Mama: ...more

I like how you put that, MGM. Your comment is right on.

BlogHer Contributing Editor, more

Invisibility might help on South Asian Streets

Yesterday through Melinda Casino's post, I found the Blank Noise Project which featured a Blog-a-thon to highlight problems due to eve-teasing. This project currently runs in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Eve teasing is essentially a range of activities, practised by men, targeting women, and is a broad term that could mean anything from butt pinching to breast squeezing or ripping duppattas off. Yes, in this day and age, in a country that is supposedly entering world stage, these things happen. Reading through the comments on the BNP page brought back bitter memories of personal humiliations. ...more

"Are you saying you need to have a penis to have authority?" she asked. "Well, it helps," he deadpanned.

That exchange was part of a conversation Naomi Wolf had with Harvard professor and author Harvey Mansfield on C-Span's Book TV. The link is to the podcast for the program, After Words, -- this particular interview should be available as a podcast on 3/27. ...more

There is a push to align curricula with defined learning goals -- part of the movement toward ...more

Around the Dial: Pot Luck!

Do you like pot luck parties? I sure do. New food, new flavors, and you can expand your understanding of cooking as you talk to the cooks. In the spirit of pot-luck, I encourage you to sample whatever you're not familiar with - it's all good! (*Cringe* Did I just say "It's all good"?) Lynne d Johnson points to Mark Anthony Neal in her post, "Understanding Chickheads, Pimps, Golddiggas, and Gangsta Rappers". She cites the extensive work of Anthony, whom she describes as a "black male feminist", as well as Joan Morgan (book: When Chickenheads Come Home to Roost: My Life as A Hip Hop Feminist). Taster quote: "Morgan's book hasn't only started a movement, but helped provide insight for any female calling herself either a feminist or womanist who has had to negotiate her love/hate relationship with hip-hop." ...more

Am you a feminist?

I have no problem answering that question. My response is always an immediate and hearty "YES!" However, for many women, this is an inquiry not so readily and eagerly answered. And I respect this, as the hesitancy on the part of women on identifying herself as a feminist reflects my reluctance to cite "Asian American" as one of my self references. The question of ethnic identity is clearly another post and my very own Pandora's Box, but it's all part of the biggest question life throws at us - who are you? What are you about? ...more

Well said, Nelle.

- Julie
No Fancy Name

First Thing This Morning

When I walked into my office first thing this morning one of my co-workers was waiting and wildly waving a post-it note at me. I put the word out a long time ago. Do not speak to me until I've had my coffee. It really is a Public Service Announcment. More for your safety. ...more

International Women's Day/Blog Against Sexism Day

I heard today is International Women's Day & Blog Against Sexism Day. Tell me how you're raising awareness!! I have a rather long story on my personal blogabout the sexism I have experienced in my life. ...more

Thanks Chantel, I'm glad you liked it. I'd love to hear your thoughts about its relevancy to the ...more

A week of "blog activism days"

A few weeks ago our intrepid Feminism & Gender contributing editor, Melinda Casino, urged us all to participate in the Blog Against Sexism Day occurring this Tuesday. Consider this a little reminder. Plus... ...more

Geesh, I forgot, but those focused thoughts y'all are sending out worked, and happened to write ...more