Beauty and the beast (you know, the beast of patriarchy...)

Feminists bite a chunk out of mainstream media, the latest being the Vanity Fair and their latest "Hollywood Issue". At Feministing, Jessica Valenti points readers to an article at by Rebecca Traister, "Topless bodies found in brainless magazine". Registration is required, so Jessica helpfully provides a synopsis: "clothed men, naked women or women parts. Predictable and disappointing." Take part in the discussion over at Feministing in the comments section. (There's only one comment so far, so swing by to weigh-in with your thoughts.) ...more

Wal-Mart MA to stock emergency contraception

Wal-Mart stores in Massachusetts must stock emergency contraception. Why? Because it's state policy. Jessica Valenti at posts this breaking news: ...more

Around the Dial: Valentine's Day Edition

What's going on in the feminist blogosphere today on Valentine's Day? A twirl of the radio knob and we'll find out... Some of these posts do not have specifically feminist content, but are authored by feminist bloggers. Enjoy! ...more

Fighting the Good Fight: What do you do when 'minority' means you?

Feminism provides an alternative framework to the dominant hegemony, allowing many people to make a paradigm shift from "it's just the way things are" to "no! it doesn't have to be this way." All well and good, but sometimes it gets wearing. What happens when you feel deflated? A couple of bloggers have addressed this in slightly different ways, but both essentially react to a core question: What do you do when 'minority' means you? Blog #1: I'm Not a Feminist, But... Laura at I'm Not a Feminist, But... moved me when she wrote this post titled simply “Sad”: ...more

Think about the forums in which you interact with me... they are inevitably places preaching to ...more

Announcement: Blog Against Sexism Day (March 8)

March 8 is International Women's Day, and this year, it's also Blog Against Sexism Day. Details are up at Vegankid: Inspired by the Blog Against Racism Day in December, it was decided that for at least one day we would try to focus the blogosphere on another evil: Patriarchy. While those that write about sexism on a regular basis are gladly asked to join in, we enourage those that never or rarely talk about this important topic to join in. There are no guidelines. All that is asked is that you write at least a little something against sexism, against Patriarchy, against Male Supremacy. We especially encourage men to challenge themselves and write about the topic. ...more

I posted about pay equity on my biz blog, and about the women of Africa on my safari hunting ...more

Girls will be girls

Had to pop in and point you to two terrific posts by BlogHers about being a woman in a male-dominated business world. These two posts also illustrate that blogging can be long-form or short-form and either kind of blogging can be just as effective and worthwhile. (A topic I'm sure Lisa will cover in her Day One session on the Ten Types of Web Writing.) ...more

Fantastic post, Elisa - thanks for the pointers and you're right:

"That got your ...more

An Early Valentine For Moms Who Blog.

Marrit of Baldo just went live with a regular column over at, and her inaugural piece on "Mommyblogging" is a doozy: ...more

You know...who cares?!?

What's great about blogging is that really it seems there is ...more

Quote o' the Month: Hugo Schwyzer

Feminist and academic Hugo Schwyzer describes his goals for his students in teaching women's studies: I want, to paraphrase the great Elizabeth Cady Stanton, to have my students think of themselves as subjects, nouns, and verbs rather than adjectives and objects. ...more

"The moment I wake up, before I put on my make-up..."

... I ask myself if I'm failing as a feminist - adhering to the brainwashing of the patriarchy - pandering to society's demands that a woman must look "just so" - or exercising my free will and right to choose. ...more

Work Vs. Family, Complicated by Race

My friend Lynette Clemetson wrote an intriguing article in the New York Times today. I wanted to call attention to it because it is (to me) oddly placed in the Fashion & Style section. ...more

I always hesitate to link to NYT articles for this very reason. I thought this one was special ...more