Work Vs. Family, Complicated by Race

My friend Lynette Clemetson wrote an intriguing article in the New York Times today. I wanted to call attention to it because it is (to me) oddly placed in the Fashion & Style section. ...more

I always hesitate to link to NYT articles for this very reason. I thought this one was special ...more

Cruelty and ignorance - then and now

I first encountered roo in the comments of a post on Schmutzie's excellent blog, "Milkmoney or Not, Here I Come". The measuring tapes came out, readings were checked, and mine was half an inch bigger than roo's. ...more

Spot-on's Chris Nolan is spot-on

Don't get Chris Nolan going, because when you do she writes lengthy, incisive and absolutely spot-on analyses that will show you no mercy (not that you, obviously, deserve any.) ...more

Don't mention the rabbits

Who knew that writing book reviews could be so fraught? That writing a detailed and considered critique could leave one open to vilification? Not I - but I've just had an insight into that aspect of the literary world, and I admit that it surprised and shocked me. ...more

Thanks Koan.

It seems obvious that two smart, well-read, thoughtful people can have ...more

Around the Dial: Carnivals galore

A pointer post to an avalanche of blog reading—courtesy of the wonderful invention known as the "carnival". Don't you love being alive at this point in history? The Carnival of Feminists, Issue 8 is out at Gendergeek (edited by Emma and Emmy). The Radical Women of Color Carnival, Issue 1, hosted by Jenn at Reappropriate. The Carnival of Bent Attractions: Second Edition can be accessed at Desperate Kingdoms. (The next issue is just around the corner - 10th February - at Creole Gumbo.) ...more

Debra, it's not a coincidence. Body Image Week is happening all over the place, in correlation ...more

News Roundup-Monday

The 38-year-old French woman who underwent the world's first partial face transplant says today she hopes to resume a normal life quickly, and is greatful to have a face like everyone else. ZuZu at Feministe says she didn't know the woman was disfigured after being mauled by her own dog. "The dog I had prior to Junebug bit me in the face, and meant it. I had to have her put down after that, because she kept baring her teeth at me. But that was triggered by me getting too close to her chew toy." ...more

More than skin deep?

Blog crush confessional - Spanglemonkey is one of my favourite blogs. But Spanglemonkey should come with a health warning - "becoming hooked on Spanglemonkey can seriously impact your productivity" - because Jo writes *a lot*. In recent months, that's included some heart-wrenching insights into relationships and personal well-being - but Jo's compass ranges much wider than that. And yesterday she wrote a fantastic post about gender. ...more


Betty Friedan dies at 85

Betty Friedan, whose work brought feminism to national consciousness, died Saturday at age 85. Arse Poetica writes: “I met Betty Friedan about a decade ago when she came to sign copies of her book, The Fountain of Age, at a local bookstore. Though my politics were more radical than hers, her contribution to the public conversation about women's rights was invaluable, and no matter how ‘bourgeois’ she was or seemed, I'm not one to throw the baby out w/ the bathwater. I am one to thank my feminist foremothers for their courage and bloodymindedness. It takes a village, folks, and we need Betty like we need me and you and so-and-so and her sister.” Samhita Mukhopadhyay of team-blog Feministing notes Friedan's desire for a mainstream feminism camouflaged her radical organizing, concluding: ...more

I've heard criticisms of Betty Friedan, but I think Feminine Mystique was such a ...more

Quote o' the Month: Andrew Riddles at Chandrasutra

This Quote o' the Month is from the comments thread to an excellent piece of analysis at Chandrasutra regarding the James Frey controversy. It's also a relatively tangled nest of quotes for my series. Enjoy the complexity! This comment, left by Andrew Riddles of The Super Nova Scotian, plays on Oprah’s statement that she felt duped by James Frey: Perhaps Oprah should be less worried about what other people publish and take a look at what comes from her own magazine. I wonder if any women felt duped when they spent $7 on Oprah magazine to find this article, a special report on Men (and how to please them): "Don't try to talk to him during football season. If he tries to cook, get out of the kitchen until it's time to clean up. Don't be argumentative. ...more

Oprah is a blessing and a curse. There is no denying her business savvy and she stands as one ...more

50 IS the new 30!

What do you get when you give a woman over 50 a pair of scissors, a keyboard and a gym membership? You get Liz. I've been reading Liz at Grannyvibe and I just don't see her as a granny. She is in amazing physical shape and, she looks, writes and acts like a young 30 year old. ...more

As someone who is 51, I run from the very thought!more