Around the Dial: The gender wage gap

Another helping of what's going on around the dial. This post's theme: the gender wage gap. Cruella-blog examines a piece in The Guardian “Here we go again. Yes poor unfortunate men just can't get a job in accountancy any more.” Dripping with sympathy, she is not! Echidne of the Snakes has written an ambitious three-part series on the gender gap in earnings. She prefaces Part I (Theories), "It turns out that I can't write about this topic except in the academic style. My apologies for that." No need for apologies, Echidne, you produced a fine series. See Part II (Empirical Evidence) and Part III (Addressing the Wingnuts). ...more

Blogroll Updates

Pointing you towards a few great blogs: Jaki is an intelligent, funny, whipsmart young woman. She regularly expounds on personal topics regarding polyamory, bisexuality, racial identity and struggling with her Christian identity. ...more

Around the Dial: Boys, education and the media

A sampling of what's happening "around the dial". The binding themes are boys and education, and the mainstream media's handling of this problematic issue. 11D notes the recent hand-wringing in the mainstream media about boys' education in "The Boys Lag Behind". She seems to support the "boys have different needs in schools" argument, drawing upon her experience with her son. ...more

Mamalogues/Mel/Anne/Denise/Everyone - I just opened a thread over in the forums called more

College Dropout

Dear Kanye West, It's true, I am out of the musical loop, and have therefore just heard your new song "Goldigger" this weekend for the first time. I...I'd really appreciate if you would explain just one, small thing to me. ...more

Both? Neither? Something else entirely?

To run the party line, if the marginalized reclaim ...more

Around the Dial: Blog for Choice Day round-up

What’s happening “around the dial”? Here’s a round-up of some of the many Blog for Choice Day participants… Arse Poetica: “I believe in making the world a better, more equitable, safer place. I believe in trusting women. I believe that personal sovereignty and physical integrity are basic human rights. I believe with every fiber of my being that no one, nothing, no institution, no government, no husband, no father, no mother, no family, should have power over the mind and body of a competent person of free will.” ...more

Some blogs from Argentinian women

I'm going to start by introducing a few blogs by Latin American women: general introductions rather than linking to specific posts. Mujeres a bordo is the blog for RIMA, the Argentinian Women's Info Web. I'm enjoying the more personal blogs by Mujeres a bordo contributors! ...more

Hi Liz, I am Gabriela. Thank you for your review of my blogging and my blogs.
Hope see you ...more

Blog for Choice Day: January 22, 2006

This Sunday, more than 200 bloggers will be shaking up the blogsophere (and beyond) by participating in Blog for Choice Day. Similar to Creek Running North’s Blog Against Racism Day, Blog for Choice Day is a coordinated online event in which pro-choice bloggers will be posting on the right to have an abortion. The geographical base is American, and aims to address the threats to this constitutional right in the U.S., however, pro-choice bloggers from around the world are encouraged to participate! ...more

For me it was a combination of it being very personal and of having said it all before, over and ...more

Well blow me down! Fashion mags sit up and take note of blogs, online tools

Mainstream print media is starting to casually reference, and even highlight, bloggers and online community reference tools. (Gratuitous Popeye reference coming, so hang in there…) It is a strange thing to be lying in the tub reading a fashion magazine and see Wikipedia referenced. ...more

Hi Karen,

Yes, Diana Eng seems to be a good fit for Fashion category, as well as Technology. ...more